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The Holiday Party Before Christmas...

The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the town,
holiday parties were planned, yet you wear a frown.
You're afraid of the questions, by family and friends,
Asking exactly how your job search has been.

A Turkey-Day Opportunity

Thanksgiving dinner with family'Tis the season for giving thanks for what we have by sitting around a table with people we love and digging in to a homemade Thanksgiving meal.

100 Library Likes

Pop quiz:
  1. What three events will Drexel Libraries be hosting during week one of spring term?
  2. What Drexel Archives exhibit did the Triangle cover on February 25th?
  3. How many people like Drexel Libraries on Facebook?

Your answers: Find them on Facebook.

We like you so much!

Interview a librarian about their career track

Library science student Michael M. interviews Tim Siftar about his specialty, career track and the future of the librarian role.

Information Systems & Technology Associations

Professional associations are good investments. Whether you are networking for a job, keeping skills up to date or just seeking the company of colleagues, your reward from participating will exceed your investment many times over. I have only included groups that I know to have an active chapter in the Philadelphia area, just as a way to illustrate the F2F aspect of association activity and provide ideas of associations that are likely to exist anywhere.

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