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Wanna get away?

Admit it, you've had those dreams of "working" in the Latin Quarter in Paris, the bustling streets of Shanghai or on the shores of some remote Mediterranean island. That's about the time you usually wake up, or realize that those opportunities are a long way off.

But who says that working abroad is just a pipe dream? At Drexel, you can do your Co-op abroad in any country you would like!

INFO 780 International Issues tips

Nice to get a moment for a blog post here, especially when more than a few students ask about the same assignment.

As I understand this, you're seeking aspects of the information environment a particular foreign country, including who is publishing, setting policy, technology infrastructure, and cultural aspects about information user.  Because we don't have any research guide with a strictly international focus (yet) I offer you the following list of resources to help you get started:

Interested in co-op abroad?

Then I hope you paid attention to your Drexel Daily Digest today:

AIESEC Exchange and Recruitment Information Session

Students interested in local and international leadership experience, a co-op abroad or networking opportunities should consider joining Drexel's AIESEC, the world’s largest st

Want to work in China? It can be done!!

The NYTimes recently published a really interesting article on the increasing number of American students looking to China to find jobs and internships.

A big draw of working in China, many young people say, is that they feel it allows them to skip a rung or two on the career ladde

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