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Find a job with your Holiday Cheer

Feel like you're going to have a blue christmas if you don't find a job or co-op? There's no need to pout & I'll tell you why. No, Santa's not going to leave a job under the tree (it'd be kind of hard to fit anyway). You, yourself, can try to use your rosy cheeks and Holiday spirit to get out there and put yourself at the top of some HR wishlists.

New Year, New Resources!

While I know that this is a few weeks into the term already, I would like to welcome you back to Drexel for a new school year! We have been doing a lot of great preparation over the summer for the beginning of the Fall term. In regards to the careers collection, there are a couple new and updated resources that I highly recommend you check out.

Out for Work: New Resource for LGBTQA Job Seekers!

For those that are questioning their sexual orientation, or those that are still uneasy about sharing that information with new acquaintences, finding a co-op or job where you feel comfortable being yourself can be difficult. At what point should you come out to your employer, if at all? How do you know if they will be accepting of who you are?

Tips for your Summer Job Search

Hopefully you all are enjoying the sun this summer. However, for some job seekers their outlook may be a little cloudier than they would like. For those of you who are still looking for that dream job, or are just looking for that first full-time position out of school, here are some tips to keep in mind during your search:

Practice your job search every day

It may seem weird and maybe even unreasonable to practice your job search every day. There's so much that goes into it: resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, good posture and eye contact, even dressing appropriately. How can you possibly practice all of that every day? By living out the skills, experiences and professionalism you are trying to convince employers that you have.

The Holiday Party Before Christmas...

The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the town,
holiday parties were planned, yet you wear a frown.
You're afraid of the questions, by family and friends,
Asking exactly how your job search has been.

Job description too tough? Send in that application anyway!

Many times the descriptions for jobs you're interested in ask for qualifications you may not have. However, according to a recent post from the authors at Vault Career Insider, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't apply anyway.

I Want You...To Work in Federal Libraries!

Uncle Sam, I want you to work in a federal library

For those Librarians (or Librarians-to-be) interested in working for Federal Libraries, the Drexel University Special Libraries Association (DUSLA) recently hosted a presentation on Career Resources in Federal Libraries.

Career Options for Librarians in Federal Libraries

Last night Drexel's ALA student chapter was proud to host two speaker's who work in libraries for the federal government.

Mobile-ize your job search!

Everything today is going mobile. The term "there's an app for that" has turned from an advertising slogan to reality. Pretty soon you will be able to cook your Thanksgiving dinner's with your phones (ok, maybe not).

But with all those great apps out there, you know that there must be a bunch that can help you in your job search. While many of them are simply mobile versions of their web-site counterparts, they allow you to conduct your job search on the go. Meet a prospective employer on the street but don't have any business cards?

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