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The Englibrary blog lists new print and electronic resources available from the Drexel University Libraries in the field of engineering and biomedical engineering.

Drexel students write about Drexel history, part 1: Anthony J. Drexel

Drexel Archives is proud to present the work of ten Drexel students writing about Drexel history. Each week in the winter quarter, we will feature a new essay. Thanks to Professor Sheryl Simons and all the students in English 101, Fall quarter 2010.

"Mr. Drexel was known for his intelligence, learning five languages. Moreover, he was known for his kindness. He took J.P. Morgan under his wing and helped launch the Industrial Revolution.

EGMT 515: Infrastructure Systems and Performance Evaluation: Data Sites - Transportation related

Transportation Asset Management:

Transportation Asset Management relies heavily on highly organized and integrated data to support informed and comprehensive decision-making.

Drexel University IEEE S-PAC 2010

Drexel University IEEE S-PAC 2010

Resources for Environmental Nanotechnology Research

Resources for Environmental Nanotechnology

Aerospaceweb is a non-profit site operated by engineers and scientists in the aerospace field. The goal of this site is to provide educational information on a variety of subjects ranging from aviation to space travel to aerospace technology.

Drexel Smart House highlighted on the CSR blog from Forbes

The Drexel Smart House is a unique multidisciplinary project working toward the goal of creating a building that functions like a home and serves as a laboratory to continually conduct research on innovations to the home experience.

Ground breaking innovations in rich media format from Urweb

Browse, share with friends and colleagues a glimpse of
tomorrow's world with amazing new technology briefs.

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