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Group Therapy: a group project survival guide

Tips and tricks for doing group coursework.


The 10-week term at Drexel means that we have to be extra aware of time as we move through each term.

Things to do for a successful group project (part 2)

Continued from: Things to do for a successful group project (part 1)

Remember that your work is important. Be committed to your assigned tasks.

  • Your work is important to not only yourself but also to other team members. Your quality of work will impact the entire group.
  • Ask yourself: What else do I need to learn to make sure I am not missing anything for my assignment?

Meet Regularly

You have a big group project due at the end of the term  It's probably a paper AND presentation.  You need to set goals, assign tasks and determine deadlines.

Things to do for a successful group project (part 1)

Before you start with your group project, it is important to for you and your team members to  complete some tasks necessary for the completion of your group project.

Think about your project. Plan what you want to accomplish.

Lab Group Work

You're in a biology lab and you're told to choose lab partners.  You don't know anyone.  How do you go about choosing?  Ask questions.  What is important to you?  A

Writing minutes will save you hours

Taking minutes sounds like something that the secretary on MadMen would do.

But recording what happens in your meetings will help your group keep track of progress and minutes will help remind everyone what was decided in the meeting including the scope of the project, next tasks, and who does what, and when.

The reason for taking minutes is to make sure that everyone has the same understanding as to what happen

Setting the agenda

Your group is finally meeting! Are you excited? You should be excited.

First, your whole group should be commended for finding a time when everyone is available. Good job, people. The hardest part is done, but you still need to do a little more preparation for your meeting.

Because it's so complicated to get everyone together, it's super important that you work out the agenda for your meeting before you actually meet. You want to make sure that your group uses its time effectively and efficiently.

Talking to a Social Loafer


This is how groups usually deal with a social loafer:

A) Discover that a teammate didn't do their part
B) Scramble to complete that teammate's part of the project to turn the work in on time
C) Ignore the teammate that didn't do the work.

Remember, people

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