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News and tips from the Drexel University Libraries relating to the iSchool.

Making Maps with the ESRI GIS and Data Packages

Why might you want a map? Why might you want a targeted data set that describes some facet of the United States population or business community? Many disciplines benefit from knowing how relevant markets, service populations or consituencies are distributed across a geographic area. A few reasons might be to start a new business, or launch a targeted marketing effort. Other reasons might include public health or political campaigns, planning for education, social services other public policy goal.

Defeat Information Overload, Narrow Your Search in Summon: An example

Information overload. Embarrassment of riches. Drinking from a firehose. Whatever you call it, this can produce a paralyzing anxiety in your research process. We've all been there. Take a deep breath. Look out the window for a minute. Then I invite you to eavesdrop on the following chat session undertaken to help a student narrow their search to get good results from the mammoth "Articles & More / Summon" search tool on the front page of the Drexel Libraries website.

Customizing Your Google Scholar Settings to Link to Fulltext at Drexel

A few simple steps can make all the difference in connecting search results to full text, exporting citations to RefWorks or EndNote and best of all - SAVING TIME!

It's great that GoogleScholar settings can be saved by a cookie in your browser without requiring that you sign into a personal Google/Gmail account.

Go to:

Look for the "gear" icon that says "Settings"

Google Scholar Settings Screenshot


Happy holidays from the iSchool! Now in its 120th...

Happy holidays from the iSchool! Now in its 120th year (1892-2012)

First Instagram change since acquisition by Facebo...

First Instagram change since acquisition by Facebook says delete your account by Jan 16th or it can sell your photos.

Safari Tech Books- Your Recommendations?

Do you have a favorite information technology book that the Library doesn’t currently own? How about a hot tech topic that the Library collection should develop?

After recently weeding some older editions we now have several dozen open slots in our rotating Safari E-book Collection. We welcome your help to fully utilize our allotted number of titles.

Drexel University to Open D.C. Office located at t...

Drexel University to Open D.C. Office located at the Lafayette Tower at 801 17th Street, N.W.

New CUNY project JustPublics@365 trains profs&...

New CUNY project JustPublics@365 trains profs&grads on social media to make their social-justice research more visible

Career Options for Librarians in Federal Libraries

Last night Drexel's ALA student chapter was proud to host two speaker's who work in libraries for the federal government.

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