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News and tips from the Drexel University Libraries relating to the iSchool.

"Books 24x7" - New Info Tech Ebooks

Craving some late-night MySQL? This latest batch ranges from novice "Beginning Google Map Apps" and "YouTube for Dummies" to more advanced Ruby on Rails, XLST and more! Just a click away as our monthly wave of new eBooks arrives.

Scholarly Videos? A First for PubMed

One small step for the MTV generation. One giant step for scholarly publishing! By indexing the online Journal of Visualized Experiments, PubMed legitimized video as a media of mainstream scholarly discourse...

New InfoTech EBooks

You want 'em? We got 'em!

Delivered right to your browser!

Virtual Philadelphia: Because there aren't enough lunch trucks in Second Life

The Center City District has released an amazingly detailed 3-D model of Philadelphia.

New Tactical IT Research Reports from

Drexel now offers Burton Group’s IT Research Reports. These are tactically focused to keep info tech managers ahead of the curve on new IT developments. Our license includes three BurtonGroup content areas: Content and Collaboration Strategies, Data Center Strategies (DCS), Identity and Privacy Strategies. video db needs beta testers

Drexel Libraries now hosts a beta version of TheHistoryMakers - a video repository with interviews of leading contemporary African Americans hosted on a futuristic software platform from Carnegie Mellon's Informedia Lab. Intrigued? We need beta testers!

Librarian IM Service, un-answered questions

Some of you may have noticed how I've added a browser-based Meebo widget to my IST Research Guide pages.
So what should you do if I'm not replying instantly ? Here are some options - plus some answers to unattributed I.M.s that I have received while offline.

2008 LITA/Brett Butler Entrepreneurship Award winner announced

While I typically don't republish newsbits from beyond Drexel, I wanted to call attention to this announcement from the American Libraries Assn "Library Info Technology" division. The kind of value this one entrepreneur was able to provide by serving up low-cost shared services really illustrates the opportunities that are continually opening up as web-based services evolve. I think if more iSchools were operating "clinics" with low-cost consulting to support these services, I think that would be even better!

New Library Tools for Bookies

So it might obvious from the dates on my recent posts that this blog has been undernourished lately. Considering all that's going on at Hagerty Library this year, I'm lucky to do one posting per month! (Changes here will be the subject of another blog posting coming soon.) On the bright side, the benefit to you is I can batch the news and choose my words and instructions a bit more carefully.

My previous post was on new services. This one will focus on products. I'll get up the outline first and then come backfill with more detailed instructions later. What I really enjoy sharing are anecdotes supplied by users who go ahead and experiment with the new toys. Feel free to email me any comments along those lines. The "comment" feature on this blog gets hit with so much robo-spam that real replies can get lost in the shuffle. But if you email, I'll include them in an update. So... on with the show!


New Services: IM + CRC Office Hours

Instant Messaging:
Hagerty Library and your IST Librarian now offer browser-based instant messaging reference services using the Meebo widget, 9-5 weekdays. Why is this special? Because for anyone who just wants to ask a quick question, IM is perfect.

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