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News and tips from the Drexel University Libraries relating to the iSchool.

Got avatar? Second Life getting too real

My postings on Second Life have not exactly reflected the growth of this project that the Library started back in ...June? Our Library "Second Life Task Force" has been on a tear lately. Last week I hosted...

INFO 520 "I want to compare these two associations..."

This is a perennial project for the INFO 520 class. And I always wonder how far to go in responding to the questions I get about it. Aren't all these librarians-in-training just overflowing with ambition and creative ideas for research projects like this? Well... I guess for those full of verve, they don't need my help and this posting won't hurt them. And for the ones that can use the encouragement, at least they'll have to wade through my sermonizing to get to the useful advice, and hopefully be better for it.

Getting Required Course Readings

Feeling thrifty? Ready to go to some extra lengths to get your readings? Already tried the bookstore, and Amazon? Here's the shorthand version of what we tell folks at the Reference Desk.

First, your best bet, be sure to see what your faculty have made available on Library Reserve for your class. If there is currently NOTHING on Reserve, not even a copy of your textbook, you might ask your faculty WHY? Be sure to look under both your faculty's last name and your course number before you hassle them. This is their responsibility to get us a copy, or at least request it.

New services - Roving librarians

The Hagerty Information Services (reference) Librarians are all getting laptops and working out options for "roving" - aka - having regular "office hours" at times and places more convenient to students. Don't be surprised if you see me doing email in the Rush Building lobby on Tuesday's this fall term from 5-6pm! (You can check my location via "Twitter" on my webpage)

PS - what is Twitter? Here's the wikipedia entry.

Faculty - submit your reserve requests for the fall quarter!

Here's a note from our Reserve Book Room Supervisor:

Dear Members of the Faculty,

It’s that time again – time to submit your reserve requests for the fall quarter!

Complete instructions for placing materials on reserve, including blank reserve request forms can be found here. Please feel free to contact me, Jeanne Hamann with any additional questions.

"Cultural Image of Librarians" - Fascinating!

Re-posting from a listserv: Subject: [DIG_REF] "Cultural Image of Librarians"

This speaks for itself!

"This document provides both a discussion of images of librarians and a multitudes of examples of those images."
[thanks to: Dr. John Jaeger Doctoral Research and Reference Librarian, Dallas Baptist University]

iSchool Research Day Posters

So *that's* what an institutional repository is good for!

Check out all these iSchool PhD student posters from the last two year's worth of Drexel's internal "Research Day" poster session events.

Do YOU have scholarly publications you would like to see in Drexel's iDEA electronic repository? Get in touch!

Drexel's Library Services to Connect w/Millenials: one-page overview

Wouldn't want you to miss this! Several of the Librarians here collaborated on creating a poster that maps the range of tactics Drexel Libraries' is pursuing to connect with the Millennials - or college student born after 1979. Science Librarian Peggy Dominy, Engineering Librarian Jay Bhatt, Assistant Librarian Josh Roberts and myself put this high level map together to illustrate how much we've changed in the last few years with a look at "library services then and now." Wanted to mention that the design element of giving an attractive visualization to an otherwise loosely related list of initiatives was all Josh's handiwork. Thanks Josh!

See the full poster in our digital repository HERE. I'll post the abstract on the subsequent blog page just for fun. Enjoy!

DUSLA Makes Mark at Philly SLA Board Meeting & Spring Banquet

The Drexel student chapter of SLA aka "DUSLA" really made a mark at the last SLA Philly Board meeting! The Board convened to a full agenda May 9th, at the bucolic Radnor Township “Willows” historic mansion, just prior to the Spring Banquet.

New textbook for SE 311 added to Safari

An O'Reilly book titleed "Head First Design Patterns" that is the required textbook for SE 311 (taught by Asst. Professor Yuanfang Cai) was just added to our Safari Books collection. It is very useful for understanding design patterns. It's not in the Library's main book catalog yet, but will be soon.

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