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Measuring a Library’s Value: Discussing Assessment

What difference does a library make in student retention, faculty grants and research, or enrollment decisions? As institutions of higher education are challenged to show fiscal responsibility in the face of increasing tuition and student debt loads, academic libraries are developing new metrics to better explain their value to the academic community.

Where On Campus Is Jay Bhatt? Drexel’s Embedded Librarian

Two days a week you can find liaison librarian for engineering, Jay Bhatt, hanging out in a student lounge. For four hours each week Jay transports his laptop and his library expertise to the lounge to provide coaching and guidance to students and faculty on-site. Jay calls it “Being Connected,” his own take on the embedded librarianship concept, which takes librarians out of their offices and places them in the locations on campus that allow close coordination with faculty and students.

Celebrating Drexel Book Authors Event Recognizes More Than 70 Publications

More than 70 Drexel authors and editors were recognized for contributions to scholarship through their 2013 book publications at Celebrating Drexel Authors on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. The second-annual event gathered authors from multiple disciplines, schools and colleges to recognize the diverse research and creative expressions completed at Drexel.

Eighth ScholarSip Event Features Research from Jonathan Spanier

Fifty Drexel faculty and professional staff gathered in the Sky View Room of MacAlister Hall on Monday, March 18, 2014 for the Libraries’ eighth ScholarSip event. The event featured the research of Jonathan Spainer, PhD, who provided the evening’s food for thought.

Deans Update: Connections to Scholarship in March

Connections – the concept of bringing together two or more of something – is a theme that travels through much of the work done at Drexel University. In the Libraries, it includes bringing together ideas and people. You surely have experienced library programs in your lifetime that facilitate authors reaching readers, deliver distantly held books, guided students to discover images or articles, or identified a kindred intellectual spirit by exploring similar topics.

Seventh Scholarsip Event Features Research Of Rob D’Ovidio, PhD

The Libraries celebrated its seventh ScholarSip event on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, bringing over 50 people together to celebrate the end of the fall term. Rob D’Ovidio, PhD, provided an informational food for thought with his presentation titled The Rise of the Machine: the Evolution of the Computer and Crime. He stimulated discussion about identity theft, the alarming increase in possession of images of child pornography, and the conditions facilitated by information devices and communications by which crimes have become easier to commit and more difficult to guard against.

Bulgarian Ambassador Elena Poptodorova Opens The Power of Civil Society Exhibit at W. W. Hagerty Library

On Wednesday, November 6th the Libraries unveiled a new exhibit hosted at W. W. Hagerty Library, The Power of Civil Society: The Fate of Jews in Bulgaria, which was introduced by the Bulgarian Ambassador Elena Poptodorova. Ambassador Poptodorova discussed the situation in Bulgaria during the years before and after the Holocaust and the brave decisions made by some of the citizens to rescue nearly 50,000 Jews.

Dean’s Update: Connections Through Exhibits

Not long ago, a colleague asserted that exhibit cases are archaic and have no place in the modern. That challenged me to think about if it was true or if, like most things library-related, the purpose remains but means of presentation change.

Drexel Archival Collections Featured at October ISTA Gathering

On Wednesday, October 17th Drexel University Libraries hosted a group of 29 alumni, faculty and students from the Information Science and Technology Alumni [ISTA] group for a private tour of Drexel collections at W. W. Hagerty Library from 5 - 6:15 PM. Items shown were from Drexel University, the Legacy Center and the Academy of Natural Sciences.

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