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Provide the Health Sciences and Public Health community at Drexel with up to the minute information about programs, events, and library resources.

New Electronic Database

Take a look at the American Hospital Directory. A new Library resource providing data from over 6,000 hospitals allows searching by hospital profile, department, financial report, or inpatient and outpatient information. Results can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file.

Reminder: Complementary/Alternative Medicine Database Available

Natural Standard is a peer-reviewed, evidence-based database providing information on complementary and alternative therapies. Aggregating and synthesizing data on non-traditional medicine, it is designed to help clinicians make safe and informed therapeutic decisions. Included are an herbs and supplements database containing images, dosages, and adverse reactions, as well as other offerings explaining complementary practices and listing brand names.

Health Observances for August

Here are some health observances for August. The organizations promoting these health observances usually have promotional materials which are great for patient education. Some of the materials can be printed directly from the websites and are available in color.

Cataract Awareness Month
American Academy of Ophthalmology

National Immunization Awareness Month
National Partnership for Immunization

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

"Intute" - New web guide to best sites for education and research

Intute is a free online service providing access to the very best Web resources for education and research. The service is created by a network of UK universities and partners. Subject specialists select and evaluate the websites, currently over 113,000, and write high quality descriptions of the resources.

Proposed Journal Cancellations for 2007

At this time of year the Health Sciences Libraries make decisions about which journals to renew for 2007. We've reviewed our subscriptions and the data on how many times each journal title was used.

The journals listed below are slated for cancellation. They are received in PRINT ONLY and each was used 5 times or less during the last 12 months. Our savings will be $1500. These funds can be used to purchase new titles requested by users. trial of 3D Anatomy database

The Library has a two-week trial to a new 3D anatomy database. You can rotate models 360 degrees and add or strip away layers of anatomy to view all structures from bone to skin.

In addition to pop-up labelling as you view the 3D models, click on any structure to bring up explanatory text and all related muscle function animations. An interactive MRI section allows you to link the 3D modeling with the equivalent MRI in 3 planes.
Go to the link below and scroll down to

New Health Care Resources for PDAs Resource Guide Available!

The use of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) goes well beyond basic calendaring. Health care professionals are using these devices in educational and clinical settings to track patient information, download web content, access databases, and utilize helper tools along with a myriad of other software.

New Edition of Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses

The library now has access to the 10th edition of Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses through StatRef! It's available on the Health Sciences Ebooks by Title and Subject pages.

Exam Master added to Library resources

EXAM MASTER ONLINE is a database of sample medical and exam questions for USMLE and Medical Specialty Board exams, providing access to thousands of basic and clinical sciences questions.
Students can create customized practice exams and study blocks, using a testing interface that closely matches what is actually used on the USMLE exam and includes the ability to attach notes to each question.
Click on the board review resources quick links on the Health Sciences Libraries home page: Drexel University Health Sciences Librari

Proquest Nursing Database Name Change

Proquest Nursing Database is now called ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source. The name change reflects a broader offering of allied health journals with citations from over 500 journal titles. You'll find the database on the recommended database page forNursing and Health Professions.

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