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It's so cold!! [Hagerty Library]


Can the temperature be increased, please? It’s always so cold in here! I’m going to go sit out in the sun and study. Thanks.

Thanks for your suggestion. We have been working with facilities to monitor the temperature, and it should improve. It takes a balancing act for these large buildings, but we do monitor the temperature and make changes as soon as we can.

More Graphic Novels, Please! [Hagerty Library]

Buy more comics and graphic novels.

Thanks for your suggestion. We do our best to purchase 3-4 new comics/graphic novels every month for the leisure reading collection on the first floor. Please let us know if you’re looking for a title that we don’t have, and we will be happy to add that to the collection.

Leisure Reading [Hagerty Library]

You Suck.jpg

Your leisure reading section is weak. Forget DVDs and pump that section up a bit. Get some more Christopher Moore books.

We’re sorry to hear you’ve been disappointed in the quality of our leisure reading collection. Thank you for recommending books by Christopher Moore—we will make sure to get his books in the future. In the meantime, we do have You Suck: A Love Story.

Engineering Textbooks [Hagerty Library]

Engineering Textbook.jpg

Please get the following textbooks for reserve. Thank you.
• Logic & Comp. Design Fundamentals, 4th ed. (ECE 200)
• Intro to Engineering Experimentations, 2nd ed. (ENGR 201)
• LabView 8, Student Ed. (ENGR 201)
• Linear Algebra by Anthony J. Wheeler (ENGR 231)

Thank you for your suggestions.

• Logic & Comp. Design Fundamentals, 4th ed.

DVDs Ordered in September [Hagerty Library]

Thanks for all your recent DVD suggestions.

Dreamgirls [Hagerty Library]


Please purchase Dreamgirls. Thanks!

I’m pleased to say Hagerty already owns Dreamgirls—when it’s not checked out, you’ll find it along the walls with the other DVDs. Thanks for your suggestion!

Curb Your Enthusiasm [Hagerty Library]


Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Once I figured out you weren’t asking us to express less excitement about working at Hagerty, I gladly added Curb Your Enthusiasm to our “request list”. :-) We just purchased Seasons 1 and 2, and you should find them on the shelves shortly. Thanks for your suggestion—keep them coming!

House, M.D. [Hagerty Library]

House MD.jpg

House, M.D.: Season 2

Thanks for your suggestion. I ordered Seasons 2 and 3 of House, M.D. for your viewing pleasure. Keep the suggestions coming!

Lisa Lampanelli [Hagerty Library]

Lisa Lampanelli.jpg

Could you please add a collection of stand up comedians to the DVD list? Lisa Lampanelli would be an excellent addition to Hagerty!

Thanks for your suggestion. I ordered Lisa Lampanelli‘s Take it Like a Man and Bob Saget’s That Ain't Right. Check back shortly to see if they’re available. If you have any other stand up comedians you’d like to see on our shelves, please let me know.

Finding Neverland [Hagerty Library]

Finding Neverland.jpg

I would like you to get Finding Neverland DVD. 2006.

Thanks for your suggestion. I ordered Finding Neverland and it should arrive in a few weeks—check back shortly to see if it’s in. Feel free to contact me if you have other suggestions!

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