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Dollars to Dragons

dollars.gifYou can now add funds to your DragonCard again in both Hagerty and Hahnemann Libraries; new machines have been installed and have been activated to work with the re-encoded DragonCards. In Hagerty Library, the machine is located on the wall near the printing station on the 1st floor; in the Hahnemann Library, you'll find it in the 24-hour room.

Will the construction ever begin? [Hagerty Library]

Hammer resize.jpg

Is there a problem regarding the building of the 24-hour area in the library? A labor/financial issue? I ask because there have been weeks with no activity and buildings made from scratch have been built at a more efficient pace. What’s going on??

Thanks for your concern. While there have been some unexpected delays, we are proceeding with the construction beginning this week.

Stomp the Yard [Hagerty Library]

Stomp the Yard resize.jpg

“Stomp the Yard”
• Please get this movie and send me an email when it comes in.

Thanks for your suggestion. This movie is available here at Hagerty Library in the first floor collection. As of August 14, this movie is checked out and due back August 16. Please check back within the next few days to see when Stomp the Yard is available.

Have you Re-encoded your DragonCard yet?

As of this morning (Tuesday, August 14th) DragonCard systems have been switched over to work only with re-encoded cards. If you have not yet had your card re-encoded, it may no longer work in the Libraries for printing and photocopying.

All Drexel students, staff, and faculty who were issued a DragonCard before June 19, 2007 at the University City Main Campus must visit the DragonCard Office to have the magnetic stripe re-encoded.

Lone Survivor [Hagerty Library]

Lone Survivor resize.jpg

Please purchase Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.

Thanks for your suggestion. We just ordered this book, and it should take a few weeks to arrive. Look for it soon in the leisure book collection on the first floor of Hagerty!

If you need it sooner than that, feel free to order this book through E-Z Borrow.

Don't see a DVD you're looking for?

Give us your recommendations!

Let us know what DVDs you'd like to see at The Suggestion Box.

Where have all the staplers gone?

Looking for the staplers at the reference desk?

We've set up two new Stapling Stations in Hagerty Library to help you with all your collating/stapling/paper clipping needs.

Alumni can now check out DVDs! [Hagerty Library]

Seinfeld resize.jpg

Why are alumni not allowed to check out DVDs? I believe we should be treated [like students] as far as using library resources are concerned. Hoping this will change something.

Thanks for your suggestion. After looking into this, Hagerty Library has changed its borrowing policy. Alumni are now allowed to check out DVDs. Enjoy!

Triangle Highlights Second Life Drexel Island

The July 27th issue of The Triangle highlights Drexel's virtual Second Life campus, Drexel Island, initiated by the College of Arts and Sciences Jean-Claude Bradley, and Hagerty Library's Tim Siftar (aka Jack LaPointe in SL).

Noticed Anything New Lately?

Santa made an out-of-season visit to Hagerty Library's systems department, bringing lots of new techno-goodies!

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