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News, Events and Announcements from Drexel University Libraries.

Friends [Hagerty Library]


It’d be great if you had some classic comedy TV shows like Friends.

Thanks for your suggestion. I ordered Friends: The Complete Series Collection, and it should arrive within a few weeks. We’re also hoping to purchase the complete series of Seinfeld when it’s released in November. If there are any other classic comedies you just can’t live without, please pass along the titles to me. Thanks!

Hostel [Hagerty Library]


You should get Hostel.

Thanks for your suggestion. I ordered Hostel, and it should arrive within a few weeks. Check back soon to see if it’s available!

Baraka [Hagerty Library]


Get Baraka on DVD. Visually/creatively/culturally inspiring!

Thanks for your suggestion. I ordered Baraka, and it should arrive within a few weeks. Check back soon to see if it’s available. Keep the suggestions coming!

Sex and the City [Hagerty Library]

sex and the city.jpg

More Sex and the City DVDs please.

Thanks for your suggestion! You’ll be very happy to know I just ordered the complete series of Sex and the City. The DVDs should arrive shortly and then will be available for checkout.

Maxed Out [Hagerty Library]

maxed out.jpg

I would like to suggest 'Maxed Out', a documentary about credit cards. I feel that this would be perfect for college students to learn about credit cards, debt and personal finance. According to "Maxed Out shows how the modern financial industry really works, explains the true definition of "preferred customer" and tells us why the poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer.

24 [Hagerty Library]


You should purchase all seasons of 24.

Thanks for your suggestion! I’ve added 24 to our “request list.” I just purchased Seasons 1, 2, and 3, and will purchase the other seasons as our budget allows. Check back soon to see if Seasons 1-3 have arrived yet! Keep the suggestions coming.

E-Journal Coverage Expands with Backfiles

Hagerty Library is very pleased to announce the addition of major electronic journal backfiles, which significantly expand the retrospective coverage of our online journal collection.

Dude, Where's My Textbook?

"Does the library have the assigned textbook for my class?"

Maybe. At Hagerty Library, we don't buy the required textbook for every course (if we did, we'd have a library full of out-of-date textbooks and nothing else). We will have one or more copies of required readings for a course on Reserve, if the instructor has requested that we do so.

Top Question of the Day -- How do I Print in the Libraries?

All public printers in the libraries are connected to a networked printing system, using DragonCard funds to pay for printing.

Welcome New Students!

Congratulations -- you've found your way to the Library! Learn about the services and resources the Libraries have to offer -- online and in-person -- on our New Students' Guide to the Libraries.

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