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News, Events and Announcements from Drexel University Libraries.

Midnight Movies -- showing tonight: The Library That Never Closes!

At midnight Wednesday, June 6th, Hagerty Library begins its Midnight Movie Series, and 24/7 library access for the exam period.

Don't you love typing Bibliographies?

Okay, we don't either -- in fact, we don't know anyone who does!

Can we keep our books longer? [Hagerty Library]

Graduate students should be able to check out books for longer than one month.

Thanks for your suggestion. As graduate and undergraduate students share many of the same resources, we are unable to extend loan periods for graduate students. We want to ensure that as many students as possible are able to utilize the library’s resources. Graduate and undergraduate students can check out resources for 28 days with 2 renewals.

Summer Hours at Queen Lane, Hahnemann Libraries

Summer (reduced) hours at the Queen Lane Library began on Friday, June 1st; the Library will have reduced hours during the week, and will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays through the beginning of August.

Laptops are in high demand! [Hagerty Library]


Please have more laptops available for students. Thanks!!

Thanks for your suggestion. We realize laptops are in high demand here at Hagerty Library. This summer we will be purchasing twenty new laptops to supplement and replace the older laptops. Additionally, we will have ten new laptops for circulation at Hahnemann Library. We hope you enjoy these new laptops!

Is my password public? [Hagerty Library]

When typing my username/password to enter a private online account (DrexelOne, Facebook, etc.), Windows asks if it should memorize this information for later use. If I accidentally hit “ok”, everyone using that computer will have access to my accounts. Please disable this feature of Windows.

Since you are logging into these systems with your Drexel username and password, your information is only available to your login and cannot be retrieved by anyone else using the same computer.

Textbooks on Reserve [Hagerty Library]


If a book is required for a class, it should be on reserve. Thanks for the awesome, upgraded video library.

We’re glad you’re enjoying all the new DVDs. There are more on the way, so keep checking back for the latest titles.

We place materials on course reserve at the instructor’s request. Unless we hear from the instructor, we do not know that a particular book is needed.

28 Days Later [Hagerty Library]

28 Days Later.jpg

I would like to recommend the purchase of '28 Days Later', a movie that has won many awards. Here is the plot outline:

A powerful virus escapes from a British research facility.Transmitted in a drop of blood and devastating within seconds, the virus locks those infected into a permanent state of murderous rage.

DVDs [Hagerty Library]


Put the DVDs in some kind of order (alphabetical, call number, etc.). Right now there is no organization system and it makes it difficult to find a specific title (other than by browsing through all the titles at random).

Thank you for your suggestion. We recommend you check the library’s catalog to see if a particular DVD is checked out before you browse through the collection to find it.

Public Computers [Hagerty Library]


The computers on the second floor are constantly taken up by people checking their e-mail so that one can't look up a book. Can we have at least one computer dedicated entirely to book look-up (since this is a library after all)?

Thanks for your suggestion. This summer we are starting on some renovations that will mean many more computers in the atrium areas of the second and third floors.

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