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Accessing Microfilm [Hagerty Library]

Two things would make it easier when ILL provides microfilm instead of print:
1. Chair/stool at proper height. Library chairs are too low.
2. Longer time period before time-out on software.

Thanks for your suggestion. We want to make the use of the microfilm reader as comfortable and convenient as possible. With the microfilm reader now behind the Circulation Desk, the chair at the reader has an adjustable height feature.

Heroes Season 1 [Hagerty Library]


Please purchase Heroes Season 1.

Thank you for your recommendation. Heroes Season 1 is not scheduled to be released on DVD until August 28. At that time, I will check with our vendor to see if we can order this title.

Stay tuned for more information…


I am pleased to say we ordered Heroes Season 1 on DVD.

Log on, log on, and log on again [Hagerty Library]

When we use the library computers, we sign on with our name and password, yet we still must enter our name and password again to access electronic resources or course reserves from the library website. I can see if we were accessing from home, but we are in the library and have already entered our credentials (username and password). Can that extra (yet annoying) step be eliminated somehow since we’re obviously already logged in?

Thanks for your question.

Too many signs--too much confusion [Hagerty Library]

Sign Moose Resize.jpg

Why do you put so many notes everywhere? 6 “Books only”, “No VHS” at auto-checkouts, tons of “No food or drink”, etc…They make our library so ugly and unprofessional!!!

Thanks for your concern. Hagerty Library hangs signs to clarify student privileges and the library’s policies. We make an effort to post only those signs that are absolutely necessary.

Bike Rack [Hagerty Library]

Bike Rack 2.JPG

Please get more bike racks. It doesn’t make sense to have room for 8 bikes when the library has room for a few hundred students.

Thanks for your suggestion. We agree that more bike racks are needed to better serve the students at Hagerty. As part of the renovations to the library we are considering adding more bike racks.

Resources in Asian Languages [Hagerty Library]

Please order some books in Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.). Drexel has 20% Asian, and nearly half of the languages offered in ELC are Asian languages. So please order some so we don’t need to go to UPenn.

Hagerty Library has not collected many non-English language materials for two major reasons. The first is that our budget is dedicated to supporting the teaching and research missions of the university, and foreign language study has not historically been a major aspect of those missions.

Where can I study in peace? [Hagerty Library]

People are always so loud in the little food lounge you have. Please stop them.

We are sorry you’ve had difficulty studying in the Food and Drink Lounge in the Lower Level. The entire Lower Level of Hagerty Library, including the Food and Drink Lounge, is designated as the area where conversation and group work are allowed. If you would like a quiet place to study, we recommend you use the second and third floors—those are designated quiet areas.

IEEE Honors Jay Bhatt for University Partnership

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) recently honored Jay Bhatt, Hagerty Library's Engineering Librarian, for his outstanding dedication and leadership to the Drexel University IEEE Graduate Student Forum as Partnership Coordinator and Student Branch Liaison to the IEEE Headquarters.

Do you have educational DVDs? [Hagerty Library]

Math DVD.jpg

The majority of titles in the DVD library are not very educational. Please regularly order more mathematics/science DVDs. There are tons online.

Thank you for your suggestion. It is true there are lots of educational math/science DVDs online but most are quite expensive. We do occasionally order science DVDs—these are mostly new releases from National Geographic.

Because a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Do you need a photo to illustrate your next presentation? An image to liven up your lecture?

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