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News, Events and Announcements from Drexel University Libraries.

Drexel Authors of 2013



Robert McCracken Peck, Curator of Art and Artifacts & Senior Fellow
North By Degree: New Perspectives on Arctic Exploration
Kaplan, Susan and Robert McCracken Peck, eds. North By Degree: New Perspectives on Arctic Exploration. Philadelphia: PA, American Philosophical Society, 2013.

Deans Update: Connections to Scholarship in March

Connections – the concept of bringing together two or more of something – is a theme that travels through much of the work done at Drexel University. In the Libraries, it includes bringing together ideas and people. You surely have experienced library programs in your lifetime that facilitate authors reaching readers, deliver distantly held books, guided students to discover images or articles, or identified a kindred intellectual spirit by exploring similar topics.

New Faculty Portfolios Features Help Researchers and Teachers

The Faculty Portfolios system assists Drexel faculty manage information about themselves. As of January 2014, it simplifies creating bio sketches for NIH grant proposals and helps track information about courses they have taught.

Funding Opportunities Database trial from Drexel University Libraries

For a number of years Drexel University Libraries has licensed the COS Funding Opportunities database for campus-wide use. For the month of March we will be testing out a competing database product from InfoEd called SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network).

New Collaborative Technologies Available at Hahnemann Library

Two new technologies are now available for students, faculty and staff at Hahnemann Library: a media:scape and projectors. Both technologies designed to support group work and collaborative projects especially when individuals need to work together on a presentation, paper or research project. Collaborative media:scape workstations are already in place at W. W. Hagerty Library and the Library Learning Terrace and are popular destinations for groups.

Liaison Librarian for Engineering, Jay Bhatt, Authors Chapter in “Integrating Information into the Engineering Design Process”

Engineering design is a fundamental problem-solving model used by the discipline. Effective problem-solving requires the ability to find and incorporate quality information sources. To teach courses in this area effectively, educators need to understand the information needs of engineers and engineering students and their information gathering habits.

Making the Most of the Sun – Jonathan Spanier to Speak at March ScholarSip Event

Society has an insatiable demand for energy, and solar energy remains the most promising and abundant source of renewable, clean energy to replace our current reliance on fossil fuels. However, in 2010, less than .2% of global consumption of electricity was from solar. So, why isn’t large-scale production of electricity from solar more prevalent?

Fellowship Opportunity at the USC Shoah Foundation’s Institute for Visual History Archive

The Drexel community gained access to the rich USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive in November 2013 through the local cache of the Archive hosted by Drexel University Libraries. The Archive includes more than 105,000 hours of video with interviews in 34 languages, recorded in 58 countries. Each testimony is around two hours long and consists of an interview with a survivor or eyewitness to the Holocaust, or the Rwandan genocide.

Managing Library Resources: Q&A With Noelle Egan, Resources & Acquisitions Librarian

Last year alone over 2 million items were downloaded from electronic resources linked through the Libraries’ website. Curious about this massive quantity of downloads and how they are supported, I sat down with Noelle Egan, our librarian who manages eResources and acquisitions at the Libraries. She works with many different departments to ensure access to a wide array of electronic resources available through

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