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Dean's Update: Reflections on the Drexel Student Learning Priorities

You may or may not be familiar with the acronym DSLP, which stands for the Drexel Student Learning Priorities, the framework that guides student growth at Drexel. The DSLP identify core intellectual and practical skills, including information literacy, communications, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and technology use. In the Libraries, we foster connections among services, resources and experts to coach students to become better learners while mastering these and other learning priorities.

Drexel Student Learning Priorities And Collaborative Partnerships Are The Focus Of A New Environment Within W. W. Hagerty Library

Faculty and staff from across campus work collaboratively to support student achievement of Drexel's Student Learning Priorities [DSLP] in a new learning environment in the lower level of W. W. Hagerty Library. The space, room L25, opened on Thursday, November 15th, to provide a place for members of the DSLP Collaborative Partnerships group to work together to provide programming and support for student learning.

Already, the Drexel Writing Center [DWC], the English Language Center [ELC] and the Libraries have partnered on a pilot program, providing enhanced tutoring and support for international students. Students who take advantage of this opportunity receive focused writing, language and research guidance.

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