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Faculty Portfolios

Don’t get left behind: Faculty help shape Drexel’s story through Faculty Portfolios

What is the impact of research, scholarly publications, creative expressions or instruction taking place at Drexel? What story do faculty achievements tell about the institution?

New Faculty Portfolios Features Help Researchers and Teachers

The Faculty Portfolios system assists Drexel faculty manage information about themselves. As of January 2014, it simplifies creating bio sketches for NIH grant proposals and helps track information about courses they have taught.

Deans Update: Faculty Connections

Several of the Libraries' recent activities have related to its role in building community connections. Many of these are featured in this issue of In Circulation. Faculty participating in the first departments to undertake campus program alignment and review [PAR] began to enter data into the live Faculty Portfolios on February 1st.

New Service is Unfolding to Manage Faculty Portfolios

In partnership with the IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters, Drexel University is developing “Faculty Portfolios”  to allow faculty and administrators to identify, manage and promote faculty research and academic work.  The project uses two Thomson Reuters research analytics tools—Research In View and InCites—and will provide service support from the Libraries.  Faculty will be able to build and maintain profiles of their publications, service, creative expressions, teaching, and research grants, for example, through a comprehensive database under development.

A project team under the sponsorship of the Provost, with administrative leadership from Vice Provost Jan Biros is working to prepare the system for an expected launch in early 2013.  Mary Quigley, Director of Academic Information Systems is leading the programming effort needed to configure the system for Drexel.  Danuta A. Nitecki, Dean of Libraries, working with a group of faculty representing different disciplines, is orchestrating the communications plan and engaging users with the design of the system.

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