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Jay Bhatt

Where On Campus Is Jay Bhatt? Drexel’s Embedded Librarian

Two days a week you can find liaison librarian for engineering, Jay Bhatt, hanging out in a student lounge. For four hours each week Jay transports his laptop and his library expertise to the lounge to provide coaching and guidance to students and faculty on-site. Jay calls it “Being Connected,” his own take on the embedded librarianship concept, which takes librarians out of their offices and places them in the locations on campus that allow close coordination with faculty and students.

Liaison Librarian for Engineering, Jay Bhatt, Authors Chapter in “Integrating Information into the Engineering Design Process”

Engineering design is a fundamental problem-solving model used by the discipline. Effective problem-solving requires the ability to find and incorporate quality information sources. To teach courses in this area effectively, educators need to understand the information needs of engineers and engineering students and their information gathering habits.

Jay Bhatt Receives a 2013 Staff Mentor Award from the Drexel Graduate Student Association

Each year the Drexel Graduate Student Association acknowledges students, faculty and staff who contribute the to success of Drexel graduate students. During the 2013 ceremony, liaison librarian for engineering, Jay Bhatt, received an Outstanding Staff Mentor Award. For a complete list of awards received visit the GSA website.



Librarian Jay Bhatt works with Drexel’s Concrete Canoe Team

Each year, students from the Drexel American Society of Civil Engineers [ASCE] student group compete in the ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition, providing a practical application for what they learn in the classroom. Participating teams compete in four separate categories working to design, showcase, race and present their concrete canoe to judges.

The Canoe Competition process runs year-round. Twenty students work to write a paper and cast canoes as a part of the competition. This year's team members are currently in the testing and development phase. Liaison librarian for engineering, Jay Bhatt, is helping students with their design paper, guiding them to find new standards and other information resources.

Advancing Women in Engineering

Drexel is actively working to increase diversity and leadership by preparing successful women in engineering.   National statistics show that even though women receive 20% of US PhDs, only 11% continue their careers as engineering department heads.*  At Drexel, around 28% of PhD engineering students are women, and about 19% of undergraduate engineering majors are female. The Libraries is a supportive partner in activities to advance women in engineering at Drexel.

Engineering Librarians Play a Vital Role in Engineering Village Evolution

By Colleen DeLory and originally published in the Library Connect Newsletter - See Original Posting

Engineering librarian Jay Bhatt (far right) discusses various research options with Drexel engineering students.

There’s a saying that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. In the case of the recent Engineering Village (EV) update, this could be restated as the forthright librarian acquires the ability to reorder the facets. But action-reaction doesn’t begin to describe the ongoing partnership among librarians and Elsevier’s product managers.

Cite Right: Fundamentals of IEEE Style

May 15th, 5 PM-6 PM
W.W. Hagerty Library, L14

Avoid unintentional plagiarism!

Upcoming Workshop: Engineering Village

May 2nd, 5 PM-6 PM
W.W. Hagerty Library, L14

This workshop provides an introduction to the Engineering Village research platform.

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