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John Wiggins

John Wiggins Appointed as Chair of the Data Collection for Library Managers Committee

John Wiggins was appointed as the chair of the Data Collection for Library Managers Committee of the Library Leadership and Management Association beginning on July 1, 2014. During the one-year appointment, Wiggins will lead a committee of 15 library professionals.

The committee seeks to identify and disseminate information about the effective collection of measurement data in libraries and also provide resources for individuals looking to develop skills in measurement data.

Input to Implementation: Simplifying Thesis and Dissertation Submissions

The Libraries has simplified the process of submitting Ph.D. and Ed.D. dissertations, reducing student costs by $66, and saving student and staff time. The new process uses ProQuest’s Electronic Theses and Dissertations Administrator [ETD], which provides convenient online submission and reduces steps in the submission process.

Input to Implementation: Libraries to Launch Demand Driven Acquisition

Beginning this year, a new pilot program that will help the Libraries focus staff time and collections budgets on the resources that Drexel students, faculty and staff need for academics, research and university administration. This new program is commonly referred to as Demand Driven Acquisition, utilizing the needs of the University population to acquire resources.

Through this new pilot, researchers will be able to access to relevant information faster with less need to submit interlibrary loan requests.

Input to Implementation: Assessment

"Did you have a good break?" This is one of the questions that we in the Drexel University community will greet each other with when we return to campus or to our virtual classes in January. Whether we've gone back home to spend holiday time with our family members, traveled and toured with old friends or met new ones, or stayed near campus to study and recharge our academic batteries, we're all able to provide a quick assessment of our break time—and hopefully a positive answer to the question. But how do we know so quickly? Typically, because we know what break time is for (our mission), how we hoped to spend our break time (our vision), and what evidence there is of our success (our metrics).

Customers Focus Libraries’ Service Improvement Efforts

“Access to online databases” is what the Libraries’ users say is in most need of improvement these days.   Users answering the Libraries’ customer satisfaction questionnaire, managed by Counting Opinions, rate both the importance of a number of services, and the level of their satisfaction with Drexel Libraries performance of them.  Managerial leaders compare these important ratings and this fall decided to focus on how to improve access to the online databases that the Libraries licenses for student and faculty use—this service has the largest service quality gap and thereby offers the biggest opportunity for improving customer perceptions of the Libraries service activities.

Your Feedback Helps Us Help You!

By John Wiggins, Director of Library Services & Quality Improvement

It’s an enjoyable part of my job to share with you some of the recent improvements we’ve undertaken to speed and/or otherwise improve library services and to reduce costs.

Some library users have shared feedback with us regarding equipment used for printing, copying and scanning in the Libraries. Specifically, we’ve heard about printers at W. W. Hagerty Library that were sometimes undependable, about issues with the payment network that supports use of DragonCard funds and a great interest in a new scanner alternative that we auditioned at Hahnemann Library and W. W. Hagerty Library.

Libraries Staff win Employee Olympics Relay

On September 7, 2011 six Libraries staff were awarded champion medals for finishing in first in the Drexel Employee Olympics running/walking relay challenge.

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