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Library Services when the University Closes

It's been a long, hard winter so far, and according to Punxatawney Phil, we still have at least a month to go. The University has been forced to close more often for bad weather this year than any of us can remember. With our short terms, we know that even though classes might have been cancelled, work still needs to go on. So how can the Drexel Libraries help you get your work done when the weather is bad?

Library Chat is...back up!

Update: Library Chat and Text-a-Librarian have returned. Thanks for your patience while we waited out the service updates.

HealthSciRef is Online . . .

And ready to Chat with you!

We've upgraded our Chat/IM reference service -- the new "floating" chat box will let you move around our website, but still stay connected to us. Give it a try! Just look for the "HealthSciRef in Online" graphic on our web pages (if we're offline, you'll connect to our email reference form).

Reference help is also available via IM (AIM, GoogleTalk and Yahoo) -- put "HealthSciRef" on your buddy list and you'll always know when we're online.

Our Chat/IM reference service is online Monday through Thursday 9 am to 9 pm, and Fridays 9 am to 5 pm.

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