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DrexelMed Monitor Library Tip of the Month

Help Patients Learn About NIH Clinical Trials

A new website from the National Institutes of Health may help you promote clinical trial participation.

Set a time limit - Then contact a librarian!

Have you searched for an hour without finding the information you're looking for? Stop! It's time to visit, phone, email, or chat with a librarian!

We welcome opportunities to put our specialized knowledge to work for you.

  • We are comfortable with advanced search techniques
  • We can delve into resources you've never heard about before.

Ideally, we combine your subject knowledge with our search expertise to form a powerful team. This can be done by working together at keyboard.

Which Journals Present the Best Research? F1000 Offers a New Ranking

Recently Faculty of 1000 (F1000) created a ranking based on F100's mission: to present "the top published articles in biology and medicine selected and evaluated by our Faculty" of 10,000 experts.

The F1000 Journal Factor (FFj) measures how well a specific journal is performing on F1000, indicating where F1000 experts think the best research is being published in each specialty.


The library's AccessMedicine subscription now includes clinical cases selected from the well-known LANGE Case File series, edited by Eugene C.

Haz-Map Reveals Links Among Chemicals, Jobs, and Diseases

Haz-Map is offered by the Specialized Information Services branch of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), as part of its Environmental Health and Toxicology services.  It can be used for questions like:
•    What adverse effects may occur in workers using disinfectants?
•    What job tasks are connected to heavy metal poisoning?
•    Which work-related diseases tend to occur in plumbers?

For answers, try the option lists under Browse Haz-Map on the S

Radiologic Images From ARRS GoldMiner

AARS GoldMiner® is a free, Internet-based search engine for quickly locating high quality radiology images from peer-reviewed journals.

To find an image from AARS GoldMiner’s®collection of nearly 250,000 images,

  • Search a disease name, imaging finding, or anatomic feature.
  • Use the advanced search feature to filter the results by imaging modality (CT, MRI, X-ray, etc.), patient age, and patient sex.

Results will include thumbnail images with a partial caption for each image retrieved.

Medical Evidence Updates from DynaMed

DynaMed is a 'point-of-care' clinical reference tool that provides evidence-based summaries for over 3,200 clinical topics, with daily updates.

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