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Adam Matthew Education Trial

Drexel University Libraries is running a trial of the Adam Matthew Education database until April 30th. You can access the trial at You need to select the "Login" option from the "Trial our collections" box on the righthand side. You'll be prompted to select which collection you are interested in. There is no username or password, you just need to select the Access via IP box.

Adam Matthew Education is a multi-disciplinary resources. Some of the collections of interest to Westphal faculty include: Rock and Roll, Counterculture, Peace & Protest and Victorian Popular Culture.

The Rock and Roll collection covers: "Music, Politics, Fashion, Youth Culture - the period from 1950 to 1975."

The Victorian Popular Culture collection includes a section on music halls, theater and popular entertainment. It includes handbills, playbills and pamphlets which also may be of interest to Graphic Design students and faculty.

Both collections have era-specific photographs which may appeal to photography students and faculty.

Please let me know your opinions about these collections.


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