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Company Directories

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For more information on company research, see the Researching a Company Research Guide.

Online Directories

  • ChubbyBrain-- WWW Attention, entrepreneurs! ChubbyBrain is a website with a database of start-ups and investors from around the world. Browse companies by category, do an advanced search, add companies, or write reviews!
  • Idealist.org -- WWW Looking for nonprofit organizations? Idealist.org is a project of Action Without Borders and a great place to go to find nonprofit organizations from around the world.

Print Directories

Job Bank Series books are available for library use in the Careers Collection for the following metropolitan areas:


  • best resourceD&B Million Dollar Database -- ELECTRONIC Company directory with over one 15 million US public and private businesses.  Company records include industry information, number of employees, annual sales, type of ownership, and biographies of principal executives. [flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOpyDf2l280]
  • Encyclopedia of Associations -- ELECTRONIC Thought this was only good for finding professional associations?  Think again!  This great resource also allows you to search for organizations that have been granted nonprofit status by the IRS.
  • best resourceHoovers -- ELECTRONIC While you can search for companies like Million Dollar, Hoover's real strength is the information it provides on those companies including company overviews, news & press, lists of competitors, an extensive list of company contacts and more.
  • best resourceUniworld -- ELECTRONIC Use this electronic company directory to create lists of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countires and Foreign Firms Operating in the U.S. It's easy to use and searchable by country, industry and much more!

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