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  1. Professional Associations
  2. On-Campus Groups
  3. Online Resources
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For additional resources, please see the Business Administration or the Education Research Guides.

Professional Associations

  • Casualty Actuarial Society - WWW One of the largest and most influential professional organizations for actuaries.  In addition to other resources, it has a Career Center where job seekers can look for actuary-related positions that are posted through the site. Students can also look up information on the Actuarial Exams.
  • Society of Actuaries - WWW Another important professional organization for Actuaries. It too has a Career Center where applicants can search for job postings. The SOA also as a Career Resources page for job seekers looking for more information and resources on finding the right job. Students can also learn about research and professional development opportunities.
  • American Mathematical Society - WWW The AMS is a great resource for everything related to a career in Mathematics. This website has a very good page which discusses the important aspects of the profession, as well as containing some important career resources in its Career Information page.
  • Mathematical Association of America - WWW Another organization focused on assisting those in Careers in Mathematics, whether they be in research, academia, business, or the government. It provides information on professional development and other things for a variety of mathematical fields.
  • Association for Women in Mathematics - WWW Don’t feel like the only girl in class anymore! The AWM offers tons of resources for mathematicians from all areas and levels in grow and develop within the field of Mathematics. In addition to other things, the AWM site has a Career Resources page where you can find information on all aspects of Math careers.
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) - WWW SIAM is another fantastic organization for those considering applied mathematics-related career in the fields of Science and Technology. In addition to a lot of resources on publications and professional development, SIAM also has an excellent Careers & Jobs page which provide job postings, job search resources and career information.
  • American Statistical Association - WWW The largest organization for professional Statisticians, the ASA offers numerous resources including their Career Center which offers information on the profession as well as job search tools like their Job Board and Salary Information.
  • American Academy of Actuaries - WWW The American Academy of Actuaries is another great place for prospective actuaries to gather information about their future career. Students can see how actuaries are making news and learn about important issues related to the profession.  One can also search their Job Board for job postings.
  • Mathematics on the Web - WWW This site provides a very extensive list of mathematical societies and associations throughout the United States and Internationally.

On-Campus Groups

Online Resources

  • Actuarial Careers Information - WWW Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about being an Actuarian from college course programs to networking  to job positions.
  • Math for America - WWW If you’re interested in teaching Math, this is a great site for you. It provides resources that can help you in your career as a teacher.
  • DW Simpson - WWW Need some help with your job search? See what an actuarial recruiting firm, like DW Simpson, can do to help you get your job.
  • USREAP– WWW Find employment in over 950 school districts and private schools nationwide.  You can find positions in teaching, instructional support, administration, support services, and can even search by district.
  • Math-Jobs.com - WWW Search for jobs nationally or internationally and in a variety of math-related industries.

Suggested Industry Codes

Use one of our company directories or library databases such as D&B Million Dollar Database to generate a list of potential employers.  Specify your location criteria and your industry criteria.  Try one of the suggested industry codes below to specify your industry of choice.  You can also search for additional SIC and NAICS codes.

 SIC CodesNAICS Codes
Computer Programming
  1. 7371- Custom Computer Programming Services
  2. 73729901- Application Computer Software
  3. 73729902- Business Oriented Computer Software
  4. 7373- Computer Integrated Systems Design
  1. 5112- Software Publishers
  2. 541511- Custom Computer Programming Services
  3. 541512- Computer Systems Design Services
Business and Finance
  1. 6000- Depository Institutions
  2. 64110200- Insurance Adjusters
  3. 64119904- Insurance Claim Processing, Except Medical
  4. 64119911- Research Services, Insurance
  5. 7374- Data Processing and Preparation
  6. 73790202- Data Processing Consultant
  7. 8721- Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping
  8. 87210201- Calculating and Statistical Service
  9. 87320100- Market Analysis, Business, and Economic Research
  10. 89999901- Actuarial Consultant
  11. 93110200- Public Finance and Monetary Policy
  12. 92290100- Public Order and Safety Statistical Centers
  13. 94119903- Education Statistics Center, Government
  14. 94319906- Health Statistics Center, Government
  15. 96119904- General Economic Statistics Agency, Government
  1. 5221- Depository Credit Intermediation
  2. 52211- Commercial Banking
  3. 523- Finance
  4. 524- Insurance Carriers and Related Activities
  5. 5412- Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, & Payroll Services
  6. 541214- Payroll Services
  7. 54191- Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling
  8. 92113- Public Finance Activities
Education and Social Services
  1. 67329901- Charitable Trust Management
  2. 7382- Security Systems Services
  3. 8211- Elementary & Secondary Schools
  4. 8221- Colleges, Universities & Professional Schools
  5. 8222- Junior Colleges & Technical Institutes
  1. 56162- Security System Services
  2. 6111- Elementary and Secondary Schools
  3. 6113- Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
  4. 813211- Grantmaking Foundations



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