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  1. Country Information
  2. Visa and Work Authorization
  3. Job Listings
  4. Work Placement Programs
  5. Housing
  6. Company Directories

Make sure to look through the International Job Search Research Guide in addition to the resources below.

Country Information

  • Country Profile: Turkey- WWW
    Country profile from the British Foreign Office providing general information on the country, its culture and its citizens.
  • Global Road Warrior: Turkey — WWW
    Global Road Warrior is a comprehensive business travel, telecommunications, and business culture reference that features over 175 different countries.  It provides information such business culture, being a businesswoman, essential terms to know, and much much more!
  • Expat Exchange- WWW
    Message board for students to learn about the country from the people who have already moved and lived there from another country.
  • Prospects: Turkey- WWW
    A British site which provides some basic information on the nation of Turkey, while also providing some very good career information for those looking for jobs in Turkey. Please note that some resources on this site may be tailored for British or EU members only.
  • Shelter Offshore: Turkey- WWW
    Another British site with several articles on living in Turkey, and in some specific cities like Istanbul.

Visa and Work Authorization

  • Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs- WWW
    This page, from the Turkish Government’s site, provides some good information on how foreigners can apply for, and obtain, visas into Turkey.
  • Turkish Embassy- WWW
    Information on the different types of Visas and how you can obtain them from the Turkish Embassy to the United States.
  • Work Permits for Turkey- WWW
    Another site managed by the government of Turkey discussing how to obtain a working visa or work permit for Turkey.

Job Listings

  • Learn4Good: Turkey- WWW
    Learn4Good is an education and job search website that lists schools, jobs and other employment opportunities throughout the world. You can search by country, city, and industry.
  • Indeed.com: Turkey* – WWW
    One of my favorite job search engines for the US also has a Turkey equivalent! Please note that the entire site is written in Turkish.
  • iAgora.com: Turkey– WWW
    Internships and entry-level jobs from 28 European countries, accessible for free or on a “premium” level.
  • Kariyer.net* – WWW
    One of the largest and most comprehensive Job Search sites in Turkey. The majority of the jobs on this site require some knowledge of the Turkish language. Please note that the entire site is written in Turkish.
  • Idealist.org– WWW
    The best website to find job and internship listings from the nonprofit world.  Check out their jobs, internships, and volunteer positions in Turkey.  However, be aware that listings may be posted by placement programs.

*If you would like to view this site in English, try viewing the site through Google Chrome and use its Translate option. Though not perfect, it can help you enough to at least learn about the companies and positions.

Work Placement Programs

    AISEC is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting cultural understanding and international cooperation, and offers hundreds of management, technical, education, and development internships abroad. You must join AISEC before you can apply for the internship program. The AISEC Penn chapter serves the entire Philadelphia region; you can contact Jill Portnoy, the VP of Talent Management, at jill@sas.upenn.edu to learn more about the recruitment process.
    Organization established by the Turkish government to help non-Turkish students find internships and other employment opportunities in Turkey.
  • US Department of State- WWW
    Offers unpaid student internships, about half of which are located abroad in US embassies.


  • Apartments in Turkey- WWW
    Useful site to help students find apartments to rent in a number of cities throughout Turkey.
  • ErasmusTurkey- WWW
    Excellent site for looking for student accommodations in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Erasmate.com- WWW
    Look for housing in some of Turkey’s largest and most active cities. Search for flats or apartments or create a profile to advertise for housing on the same site.
  • Just Landed: Turkey- WWW
    Great site to look for some general information on housing in Turkey. Provides information important things like the cost of utilities and a background of Turkish rental leases.
  • Remember to look on the websites of local colleges and universities as well!

Company Directories

  • best resourceD&B Million Dollar Database — ELECTRONIC
    Million Dollar is a fantastic database that allows you to compile lists of companies based on many different criteria including industry, country, region or city. You can export your results to Excel so you can save your company lists and their contact information.
  • Business & Company Resource Center– ELECTRONIC
    To generate a list of international companies, select ‘Advanced Search.’  Under ‘Content Area’ select ‘Company Profiles/Products.’  To specify location, select ‘State/Country’ from the drop-down menu. To specify industry, select ‘Industry Description,’ ‘SIC code,’ or ‘Keyword’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Europages– WWW
    Use this business directory site to search for companies in Europe by business sector , products & services or theme.
  • Uniworld– ELECTRONIC
    Use this electronic company directory to create lists of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countires and Foreign Firms Operating in the U.S. It’s easy to use and searchable by country, industry and much more!

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