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Tim Siftar

Tim Siftar
Librarian for Information Sci & Tech, School of Education, and Goodwin College
Hours M-F: 9am-5pm
Hagerty Library, Room 134


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Information Science & Education

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Video, Images & Clipart for Presentations & Instruction

  1. Finding Books
  2. Image & Video Subscribed Database
  3. Free websites for Images, Videos, DIY
  4. Using Scanners & Editing Video
  5. Campus & Local Resources

Finding Books

Searching the catalog for books with images, or for videos & DVDs:   Note: Each DVD or VHS tape has a LOCATION & CALL NUMBER. Reserve Media is located behind the Circulation Desk. Leisure DVD's are located in the First Floor Display. Other video recordings can be found in the main collection area of the Second Floor.

Try a keyword search:

pictures AND presidents video AND education

Try variations on the keyword search:

(pictures OR photo* OR illustrat* OR imag*) AND presidents (but this gets some false hits too)

Need technical images? Check the catalog for "HANDBOOKS" (many are e-books)

mechanical AND engineer* AND handbook

Try the "advanced" search

Limit the location to "Hagerty DVD Collection"

Browse recent additions to our "AV list"

Link to new audio visual material list

Image Databases

  • best resourceAccunet / Associated Press Multimedia Archive (1826-tomorrow) -- ELECTRONIC An International photo archive and graphics database with graphics, maps, illustrations and logos, and an AP Audio Database which contains searchable audio clips dating back to the 1920s. It's the same platform used by the news media to select the top photos for tomorrow's front page story!
  • Ad*Access -- ELECTRONIC has images of over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines - from the time period of 1911-1955.
  • American History in Video Database -- ELECTRONIC Full of primary source video, old newsreels and documentaries documenting American History, from Alexander Street Press.  More content description here.
  • best resourceARTstor -- ELECTRONIC a repository of thousands of digital images from museums. It also hosts the tools to actively use those images and; a restricted usage environment that seeks to balance the rights of content providers with the needs and interests of content users. Tech Notes: Browser MUST ALLOW POP-UPS. Flash Player Version 6 or above required. Cookies must be enabled. Web connection = LAN, DSL, ISDN, or Cable. Systems requirements: For PCs: Windows 2000 or Windows XP For Macs: OS I0.2 or I0.3 
  • "Eyes of the Nation: A Visual History of the United States" is an ARTstor special collection that provides a pictorial overview of American history. It includes: images of prints, posters, maps, manuscript pages, photographs, design, movie stills, and cartoons. Images were selected from the Library of Congress to "show how Americans have viewed themselves, and have been viewed by others." To locate these images in ARTstor, simply perform a basic search along with the phrase, "eyes of the nation." Or browse by choosing "Image Gallery" from the ARTstor start page, then select the collection name.
  • Fashion Design research guide -- ELECTRONIC Awesome fashion image sources.
  • best resourceSimply Map -- ELECTRONIC A web-based mapping application (geographic information system or "GIS") that lets users create professional-quality thematic maps and reports using United States demographic, business, and marketing data. Data sources include the U.S. Census and Census projections. Loading your own data anchored to a common reference point (such as zip code) is possible. I recommend the tutorial or contacting the Ref Desk to get started.


  • Animal Anatomy -- WEB Drexel Library's research guide on this topic points to some great websites with images.
  • MD Consult -- ELECTRONIC Provides access to over 36 medical texts, articles from more than 46 clinical journals, practice guidelines, drug information, 2,500 patient education handouts, CME, and daily medical updates. Features an "images tab" that is really nice.
  • Primal Pictures Anatomy TV -- ELECTRONIC Includes Interactive Functional Anatomy and Complete Human Anatomy -- both are 3D interactive human models.
  • STAT!Ref -- ELECTRONIC A medical reference with a searchable electronic library of full-text textbooks, dictionaries, drug information, etc. Features an image search of the e-books portion.

Websites for Images & Videos (besides Google)



  • CandyJar - Hundreds of whimsical video clips put together for VJs by Channel 4 in the UK.
  • best resourceInternet Archive's Moving Image Archive - Near-unrestricted access to a deep library of free movies, films, and videos, including the special Prelinger Collection from the worlds of government and advertising. http://www.archive.org/details/prelinger
  • Lab Science Video Sites: LabAction -   Focuses on sharing biological techniques. DnaTube -   Encourages scientists to upload videos of their studies, lectures and seminars JoVe - Journal of Visualized Experiments, with stringent publication rules and an editorial panel, sends professional videographers to labs doing interesting work. Footage is edited and approved by the researchers before being posted. SciVee - A reputable virtual place where researchers can trade techniques without the potpourri of topics found on general video-sharing sites
  • Open-video.org - A repository of freely available digitized video content for the digital video, multimedia retrieval, digital library, and other research communities - but good content for the casual user as well.
  • ResearchChannel.org - Freely available, full length lectures and presentations from a consortium of major research universities.
  • AcademicEarth.org - An aggregator of freely available, full length lectures and presentations from all sorts of colleges and universities.
  • AdViews A Digital Archive of Vintage Television Commercials Now Available On iTunes Over 1,500 historic TV commercials from the Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History available on iTunes U in a collection called “AdViews.” Now with commercials mostly from the 1950s and 1960s, there will be several thousand more available by the end of 2009.
  • best resource Floating University.com Subscriber based growing collection of high quality sources such as Yale, Bard etc. with first class to launch in fall 2011: Great Big Ideas, a survey of fourteen major fields delivered by one of its leading minds videos.
  • TVEyes.com Great search engine for locating free video clips. Also provides a commercial service for media monitoring of  TV & radio real-time (FYI - we don't subscribe).
  • Vanderbilt TV News Archive - A deep collection consists of regularly scheduled newscasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News since August 5, 1968. Makes all the items in its collection available to the pubic through a loan service. Drexel does not subscribe to the streamed service.
  • best resource TeacherTube.com Free videos from a collection more focused on k-12 but much useful undergrad content too. Includes audio clips as well as videos.
  • best resource TED.com Free videos from thought leaders on innovative topics oriented toward solving pressing problems in the world. TED holds conferences where presenters compete to give short pitches about their work to an influential audience with winners receiving funding to invest in their ideas. Always inspirational.
  • best resourceYouTube / Google Video Best all-around services. Requires no introduction.

Using the Library's Scanners & DIY Editing Video

Scanners on the Lower Level of Hagerty Library - There are four new scanners with imaging software available in rooms L13C and L14. Lay your documents on the scanning bed and push the "scan" button on the scanner. The Canon software will guide you the rest of the way. Also - a service to "scan to email" is also available at one copier on the 1st floor of the Library, adjacent to the Reference Area printer - but it only permits emailing to your Drexel email address.

The Hahnemann Library also has two scanners available in the first floor Microcomputer Center.   Other scanner locations include Korman Computing Center, and the Faculty Development Center (for Faculty & Staff only) - also in Korman. Call ext. 1224 for more information.  

Editing Video Want to use just a clip of something longer that you found? No worries. Open-source video editing tools let you take snapshots and screen captures from whatever you see on your screen. While we don't support it, we recommend the widely used freeware CamStudio. It captures, edits and creates industry standard AVI files that can then be output as low bandwidth SWF files. Check with your college for availability and support for other popular video editing tools such as iMovie (for mac) or Final Cut (mac or pc). Convert formats to iPod format or whatever you need using Vixy . Other Video Editing Webtools (thanks to David Kapuler cited here )

  • JayCut- One of the most popular online video editors around. Users of iMovie should feel right at home with this excellent-looking site.
  • Stroome- A great collaborative site that allows users to upload video and edit by adding, transitions, effects, audio, etc.
  • Drag On Tape- A innovative site that is very easy to use. All a user has to do is search for a video and then drag-and-drop it into the timeline editor. Once a video is dropped into edit mode, a user can add text, crop, etc.
  • Pixorial- Is a wonderful site for uploading (or sending in the mail) video that can be stored online and then edited. A user can add an intro, crop, and add audio (stock audio too) to edit their video and then order a DVD or share/embed into a site.
  • My Brainshark- Is a very interesting site that offers a lot of features to their users. A user can upload any number of items such as a slideshow, document, or video and then add audio to their project.
  • Viewbix- Is a simple site to use for adding an interactive linkable button in a YouTube or Facebook video.
  • Overstream- A great site for adding comments and subtitles to a video. Once a video is created it can then be shared online for others to view and rate. Tube Chop- Is an easy way to crop and edit YouTube videos and then share with others.
  • Splicd- Similar to Tube Chop for cropping a video by adjusting the start/stop times and sharing with others.
  • SnipSnip.It- A site similar to Tube Chop and Splicd for cropping a YouTube video to highlight the important parts.

Streaming your video: Drexel faculty & staff - check out Drexel IRT's "rich media conversion project" for hosting your own or library-acquired videos for your course. For students ... see the YouTube or any of the other free video hosting services

Campus and Local Resources

  • best resourceDrexel Library Resources   Drexel University Archives The University's extensive collection of local historic photos reflecting campus life. Here are some tips on how to use the Drexel Archives. Drexel Library Research Guides for Finding Music, another one for our Drexel photography collection, and a separate one for our Library Audio Visual Collections for DVDs etc.
  • Penn Special Libraries - Within its system of thirty or so specialized libraries exist a wealth of graphical resources available for photocopy reproduction or borrowing. Search their catalog using the same keywords mentioned above in the Drexel catalog example. Under reciprocal agreements, Drexel graduate students may obtain a UPenn Library Guest card to borrow books directly from most UPenn libraries. Undergrads may use the EZBorrow inter-library loan feature to have books identified at UPenn delivered to Drexel Libraries - but that involves waiting a few days.
  • Free Library of Philadelphia Circulating Picture Collection - located at 20th Street and the Ben Franklin Parkway has millions of photos organized into subject folders that can be borrowed, and is open to the public from 9-5pm. Great for historical images. See their other special collections as well.
  • best resourceInstructional Media Services - located on the 4th Floor of McAllister, the IMS office features a designer for hire and reproduction services as well as an audiovisual equipment lending collection, so you can capture your own video & images!

Usage & Copyright Conditions

General guidelines for using these images: The resources listed above as "ELECTRONIC" are all services for which the Library pays money to subscribe under binding contracts that limit usage of their contents to academic purposes on the Drexel campus. Images from these sources may be used only for assignments completed for a grade, or class instruction. Using these images in an online setting is approved only for password-protected courseware on University-owned systems. Under no circumstances may images from Drexel Libraries' subscribed services be posted on publicly available websites or widely circulated in any format: Powerpoint slides, HTML, MSWord, public performance or other.  For terms of use for images from sources listed above as "WEB" (meaning on the public internet) please refer to the terms of use found with each individual provider. The Library holds no contracts with these providers and cannot offer specific advice on them.          

Publishing using "ELECTRONIC" images: Any faculty or student seeking to publish or perform works publicly using images from the Library's subscribed "ELECTRONIC" services must first contact the commercial service provider through which an image was obtained, and directly seek authorization or pay any fees for the right to re-use the images. For contact information for any of the Library's subscribed services, please contact Electronic Services Librarian, Noelle Egan at nme26@drexel.edu with the details of your request.

Library disclaimer: The Drexel University Libraries provides these images for academic purposes only and accepts no responsibility for misuse by students or faculty, intentional or otherwise.

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