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Larry Milliken

Larry Milliken
Liaison Librarian for Humanities and Social Sciences; Interim Head of Learning Engagement; Interim Liaison Librarian for Chemistry
Hagerty Library, Room 128


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  1. Finding Books
  2. Finding Articles and Data
  3. Handbooks and Encyclopedias
  4. Web Guides
  5. Visualizations (Selected Sites)
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Finding Books

Searching the catalog for books on chemistry:

                       Try a keyword search:        calorimetry AND heat
                                                                  fullerene* AND nano**

                       Try a subject search:          chemistry, forensic

                       Browse the stacks:             Chemistry- Crystallography -- QD901's
                                                                  Chemistry- Biochemistry -- QD415

Finding Articles

  • best resourceChemical Abstracts - ELECTRONIC
    Members of the Drexel community may access Chemical Abstracts electronically through SciFinder Scholar. The SciFinder Scholar Learning Center provides in-depth guidance to using SciFinder Scholar.Check out how SciFinder Scholar can be used to study the Chemistry of Bling!
  • best resourceChemSpider - WWW
    ChemSpider is a free access service providing a structure centric community for chemists. Providing access to millions of chemical structures and integration to a multitude of other online services ChemSpider is the richest single source of structure-based chemistry information.
  • best resourceReaxys -- ELECTRONIC
    Reaxys is a unique web-based chemistry database consisting of deeply excerpted compounds and related factual properties, reaction and synthesis information as well as bibliographic data, navigated and displayed via an actionable interface. Reaxys includes Beilstein, the world's largest chemical facts database include structures, physical properties, reactions and literature quotations covering 7.5 million organic compounds and Gmelin, providing deep coverage of structures, properties and citations in inorganic and organometallic chemistry, including phosphors, catalysts and polymers and other substances used in electronics, magnetics, optics and nanoscience. It covers general inorganic compounds, such as nano materials, zeolites, laser materials, coordination and solid-state compounds, glasses and ceramic materials, alloys, doped materials and minerals.
  • Gmelin's Handbook of Inorganic Chemistry - PRINT
    Gmelin's Handbook of Inoganic Chemistry Guide covers the entire field of inorganic chemistry from the middle of the 18th century and is based on the original publications. The world's largest chemical facts database include structures, physical properties, reactions and literature quotations covering approximately 1 million inorganic and organometallic compounds. A useful web guide to Gmelin can be found at SUNY-Buffalo. HagertyLower Level Bound Journal
  • Landolt-Bornstein: Numberical Data & Functional Relationships - PRINT
    Hagerty 2nd Floor  QC61.L33 and QC61.L332
    Landolt-Bornstein: Numerical Data & Functional Relationships (Zahlenwerte und Funktionen aus Physik, Chemie, Astronomie, Geophysik und Technik) is a systematic and comprehensive collection of critically assessed data from all fields of physics, physical chemistry, biophysics, geophysics, astronomy, materials science, and technology. In some ways it is to physics what Beilstein is to organic chemistry. Here is a pdf guide to Landolt-Bornstein.

Handbooks and Encyclopedias

  • best resourceChemFinder: compound searching - WWW
    Searchable database offering basic information, including physical property data and 2D chemical structures for several thousand most common chemical compounds. Can be searched by chemical name, CAS Number, molecular formula, or molecular weight. Heavy with advertisements, some services from this site require paid subscriptions.
  • best resourceChemistry WebBook - WWW
    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Chemistry WebBook provides users with easy access to chemical and physical property data for chemical species through the internet. The data provided in the site are from collections maintained by the NIST Standard Reference Data Program and outside contributors.
  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics - ELECTRONIC and PRINT
    Online or Print (Hagerty Reference QD65 .H3)
  • knovel: Engineering & Scientific Online References - ELECTRONIC
    Database of some of the leading engineering reference handbooks, databases, and conference proceedings. knovel is the only provider of aggregated engineering and applied science data that can be accessed globally utilizing proprietary tabular analysis tools. Provides tabular and graphical data, including facts, figures, formulas and definitions. Search results include full bibliographic and citation information, links to both PDF full text content, and help screens. Full text includes original data, facts, figures, graphs, equations, illustrations, charts, and much more.
  • Web Elements - WWW
    WebElements aims to be a high quality source of information on the WWW relating to the periodic table. You will find thousands of graphics showing elements structures and periodic properties here. Currently, most information is about the elements themselves but the scope of WebElements will include simple compounds as well in the future.
  • Peiodic Table of Videos - WWW
    This unique and imaginative site offers short videos for each of the elements of the periodic table.  It is quite fun and informative.  Definitely worth the visit.
  • More Periodic Table Info - WWW
    A nice discussion of the main points of the Periodic Table with links to interactive sites.

Selected Web Resources

  • The Alchemist - WWW
    A weekly current awareness webzine of ChemWeb.com, providing the chemical community with daily news and weekly feature articles, including reviews of software, books and websites.
  • best resourceAmerican Chemical Society/ACSWeb - WWW
    Some parts of the web site are for members only and access to some journals are by paid subscription only. Access individual ACS journals from our journals list or access ACS web site from our Databases page.
  • Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Decoder - WWW
    Use this chart when you have a reference to a known BBA volume but don't know which section it's in. The online version of BBA on ScienceDirect is divided up between the 25 different section Web pages, not in volume sequence. NB: this is a very long document!
  • best resourceRoyal Society of Chemistry - WWW
    The Learned Society for chemistry and the Professional Body for chemists in the UK. The Society is a major publisher and provider of chemical information, supports the teaching of chemistry at all levels, organises hundreds of chemical meetings a year and is a leader in communicating science to the public.
  • best resourceChemistry Guide - WWW
    A comprehensive collection of annotated links for chemists and researchers involved in organic, biochemical, computational, medicinal and/or other chemistry research.

Visualizations (Selected Sites)


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