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iSkills Assessment

Developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the iSkills Assessment measures your ability to use technology to solve problems. The ability to effectively apply cognitive skills when using information and communication technology (ICT) is essential to your success in college and in the professional world.

Why take the iSkills Assessment?

Your benefits

  • Helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so that you may target areas for improvement and establish appropriate educational and professional development goals
  • Provides evidence of your skills, evidence that you may add to your portfolio or use as a talking point during a professional interview. Information and communication technology skills are in high demand in virtually all professional industries.

Drexel benefits

  • Enables the University to make comparisons with peer institutions
  • Offers information that will help us assess and improve the quality of curriculum and instruction

Skill Areas

The exam presents 14 real-world scenarios to gauge your competency level in 7 skill areas:

  1. Define: The ability to use ICT tools to identify and appropriately represent an information need.
  2. Access: The ability to collect and/or retrieve information in digital environments.
  3. Manage: The ability to apply an existing organizational or classification scheme for digital information.
  4. Integrate: The ability to interpret and represent digital information.
  5. Evaluate: The ability to determine the degree to which digital information satisfies the needs of the task in ICT environments.
  6. Create: The ability to generate information by adapting, applying, designing or inventing information in ICT environments.
  7. Communicate: The ability to communicate information properly in its context of use for ICT environments.

The Exam

You use computer simulations to work through real-world problems.

  • Scenario-based assessment
  • 14 tasks
  • 75 minutes, proctored environment
  • Computer simulations

Examples of iSkills assessment questions (flash videos)

Scoring and Feedback

Within minutes of completing the exam, you can view your score report which contains individual feedback on your performance of the exam's 14 tasks. You receive an overall score (score range is 0-500) and a ranking to compare your performance to those of other test takers at Drexel and other universities. You may also log into the ETS Student Portal to access your performance report and certificate.

Sample iSkills Score Report

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