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Other Libraries

Please refer to individual library's home page for access and restrictions information; see Privileges at Other Libraries for information about borrowing privileges for members of the Drexel University community.

Philadelphia Area Libraries

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Academy of Natural Sciences - Ewell Sale Stewart Library
Phone: (215) 299-1040
Collections in biological sciences, ecology, environmental studies, botany, entomology, general zoology, geological and mineralogical science, ornithology, natural history, and history of science and limnology.

AIDS Library
Phone: (215) 895-4851
A collection of AIDS materials, dedicated to improving access to health and support services, preventing HIV transmission, and raising public awareness of HIV/AIDS-related issues.

American Philosophical Society Library
Phone: (215) 440-3400
Collections in history of American science, natural sciences, American Indian linguistics, history of genetics, electricity, Darwin and evolution, colonial and revolutionary pamphlets, quantum and nuclear physics, anthropology, eighteenth century natural history, computer development, and medical science, publications of scientific and learned societies of the world.

Athenaeum of Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 925-2688
Collections in 19th century architecture, decorative and fine arts, interior design history, Roman Catholic building resources, biography, travel; architectural photograph collection numbering more than 50,000 images from the 1840s to the late twentieth century.


Balch Institute of Ethnic Studies- see Historical Society of Pennsylvania Research Library

Bryn Mawr College Library
Phone: (610) 526-5276
Collections in humanities and sciences, classics, geology, history of art, classical and near eastern archaeology, theology.


College of Physicians of Philadelphia Historical Library
Phone: (215) 399-2305
Collection of the Historical Library comprises one of America 's premier research collections in the history of medicine, including books and journals published before 1991. Incunabula, more than 12,000 pre-19 th century imprints. 18 th and 19 th century journal holdings. Trade catalogs. Medical ephemera. The College also hosts a Consumer Health Information Center (CHIC).

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EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for Environmental Information
Phone: (215) 814-5254
Collection emphasis is on the environment within Region 3. Collections in hazardous waste collection, wetlands, biodiversity and pollution prevention.


Free Library of Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 686-5322
Collection area: education, philosophy, and religion. Also covers areas such as art, photography, children's books, literature, government publications, rare books, social science and history, and science and industry, U.S. patents.


Gratz College -Tuttleman Library
Phone: (215) 635-7300 ext. 130
multilingual collections (principally English, Hebrew and Yiddish) in Judaic and Hebraic studies. The multilingual collection (principally English, Hebrew and Yiddish). Special collections include over 400 rare books from the 16th-18th century, a music library of over 20,000 items, more than 800 oral history testimonies from the holocaust, Yiskor books commemorating Jewish communities destroyed in Central and Eastern Europe , and the books of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Philadelphia.


Haverford College Libraries
Phone: (215) 896-1175
Collections in undergraduate subject areas including humanities, English literature, philosophy and religion, African studies, feminist and gender studies, sciences and social sciences.


  • James P. Magill Library (610) 896-1175
  • Music Library (610) 896-1005
  • Science Libraries (610) 896-1291
  • Special Collections (610) 896-1161
  • C.C. Morris Cricket Library (610) 896-1162

Historical Society of Pennsylvania Research Library
Phone: (215) 732-6200 ext. 209
Collections in family history, local and regional history, political, commercial and social history of the colonies and the United States in the 17th and 18th centuries, the mid-Atlantic states prior to the Civil War, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia region from the colonial period to the present, economic history, African American history, historical dance, recipes, music and gardens. Unpublished materials include: the Penn family and other important early families of Pennsylvania, revolution, President James Buchanan's papers, first and second manuscript drafts of the U.S. Constitution, 18th and 19th century paintings, prints and drawings of Pennsylvania, etc. Published materials include: census, tax and church records, wills, Colonial newspapers, Tower collection and colonial laws, Pennsylvania county history, genealogy, immigration, military history, afro-Americana, etc. Now includes extensive collections in multiethnic studies, ethnicity, primary sources on more than 30 ethnic groups, genealogy, multiculturalism, emigration, immigration, and diversity in the United States from the Balch Institute of Ethnic Studies


Jenkins Memorial law Library
Phone: (215) 574-7900
America 's oldest law library, and the county law library for the City and County of Philadelphia .

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La Salle University - Connelly Library
Phone: (215) 951-1292
Collections in contemporary American and British fiction, criticism, feminism, psychological tests, religions and science, theology, Vietnamese Conflict 1961-1975(fiction and motion pictures), special collections on Germantowniana (history of that area, gardening), etc.


Moore College of Art - Connelly Library
Phone: (215) 965-4054
Collections in fashion, textile design, fine arts with a focus on the work of women artists, history of art education, graphic design and interior design; large collection of folios on costume, textile, tiles, rugs and furniture.


Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Library
Phone: (215) 988-8800
Collections in ornamental or amenity horticulture and related topics, over 200 currently received horticultural periodicals and newsletters, back issues of plant society publications and horticultural periodicals, gardening video tapes, hundreds of seed and nursery catalogues from U.S. mail order nurseries, historic and rare gardening books and seed catalogues from the 16th-20th centuries.

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Library
Phone: (215) 871-6470
Collections in clinical medicine, basic science, clinical psychology, and special emphasis on osteopathic medicine.

Philadelphia University - Paul J. Gutman Library
Phone: (215)-951-2840
Collections in apparel, architecture, business and management, design, fashion, history of textile, textiles and textiles manufacture, health and science.

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St. Joseph 's University Library - Francis A. Drexel Library
Phone: (610) 660-1904
Collections in general undergraduate subject areas, philosophy, theology, history, politics, sociology, business, education, health administration, criminal justice, government documents, etc.

Swarthmore College
Phone: (610) 328-8477
Collections in liberal arts, science and engineering; special collections on history of technology, British Americana collection, classics, literature and history.

[Temple University Libraries]

Temple University Libraries
The Samuel L. Paley Library houses the majority of the University Libraries' book and journal collections in most subject areas, including business, the humanities, the sciences and the social sciences. There are also a number of specialized and departmental libraries, some of which are listed below.


Thomas Jefferson University Library - Scott Memorial Library
Phone: (215) 503-2477
Collections in medicine, biomedical research, and allied health.


University of Delaware Library
Phone: (302) 831-2965
Collections in general academic areas, U.S. Government and Patent depository, agriculture, business, education, science and engineering, marine studies, biology, physical and chemical oceanography, veterinary medicine.

University of Pennsylvania Libraries
The Van Pelt Library collection emphasizes social sciences, humanities and area studies. There are also numerous specialized and departmental libraries, many of which are listed below.


Annenberg School for Communication Library (215) 898-7027

Biddle Law Library (215) 898-7853

Biomedical Library (215) 898-5818

Center for Advanced Judaic Studies Library (215) 238-1290

Chemistry Library (215) 898-2177

Dental Medicine Library (215) 898-8969

Engineering Library (215) 898-7266

Ann & Jerome Fisher Fine Arts Library (215) 898-8325

Lippincott Library @ Wharton (215) 898-5924

Mathematics - Physics- Astronomy Library (215) 898-8173

Otto E. Albrecht Music Library (215) 898-6248

Annenberg Rare Book & Manuscript Library (215) 898-7088

Museum Library (215) 898-7840

Van Pelt Library (215) 898-7555

Veterinary Medicine Library (215) 898-8895

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia - J. W. England Library
Phone: (215) 596-8960
Collections in pharmacy and related health sciences, including biology, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and history of pharmacy.

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Villanova University - Falvey Memorial Library
Phone: (610) 519-4270
Collections in general academic areas, business, science, law, chemistry, engineering, nursing, computer science, philosophy, religion, Catholic Church history


Winterthur Library
Phone: (302) 888-4630
Collections in America 's artistic, cultural, social, and intellectual history from colonial times into the twentieth century.

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National and Consortium Collections

Library of Congress
Phone (202) 707-5000

National Library of Medicine
Phone: (888) FIND-NLM

Access PA Database
ACCESS PENNSYLVANIA is a coordinated effort to automate library services in the Commonwealth. This is a project from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Commonwealth Libraries. As of the fall of 1997, there were: 1,425 school, public, academic and special libraries on the database, over 23 million holdings in the database, over 3.3 million unique records on the database, 95% of Pennsylvania 's school districts participating in the program.

PALCI, the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (E-ZBorrow)
Phone: 215-895-2769 for information about PALCI E-ZBorrow.
Collection area: Over twenty academic libraries' collections. This library network provides a virtual online union catalog using a web-based interface to search members' catalogs concurrently. Books can be searched and then ordered directly. [NOTE: E-ZBorrow does not provide periodical articles; use traditional document delivery/interlibrary loan for these items.] Drexel Faculty desiring to check out books directly when visiting the PALCI E-ZBorrow member libraries can request a form at the Information Services desk.

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