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Getting and Borrowing Books, Journals, etc.

Everything you need to know about:


Borrowing Books, DVDs

  • Borrowing policies are based on status (e.g., student, faculty, alumnus, etc.) and types of library materials.


Loan Periods

  • Books: 28 days
    • Hagerty circulates to faculty for 6 months, subject to recall after 28 days if requested by another patron.
  • Periodicals:
    • Hagerty Journals: non-circulating
    • 7-day journals: 1 week (Health Sciences Libraries only)


  • Reserve Materials: See detailed reserve policy
    • Hagerty: 2 hours standard, some items may have a longer loan period
    • Queen Lane: 2 or 3 hours, and most materials overnight after 4pm
    • Hahnemann: 3 hours and some materials overnight after 4pm
  • Interlibrary Loan materials: determined by lending library
  • Audiovisual materials: See detailed audiovisuals policy

Some items have shorter loan periods for all users- e.g., Hagerty career services materials. Furthermore, loan periods may be adjusted for special reasons- e.g., faculty requests for reserve, special programs, graduating seniors.


Renewing Borrowed Items

  • Except for reserve items, audiovisual materials, and Health Sciences Libraries leisure books, items may be renewed online at any time by using your University email ID and password to view your library record. This method of renewal is strongly recommended.
  • Patrons can also renew items by calling the Circulation Desks:
    • Hagerty Library: 215-895-2767
    • Hahnemann Library: 215-762-7631
    • Queen Lane Library: 215-991-8740
  • The limit is 2 consecutive renewals per book, once for 6 month loans to faculty.
  • Items for which there is an outstanding request may not be renewed.
  • Items may not be renewed by a patron whose borrowing privileges are blocked.


Borrowing Limits

A total of 20 items may be checked out at one time. (Interlibrary Loan and E-Z Borrow items are not included in this total.)


Overdue Fines

  • Non-reserve items (except AV materials): $.25 per day
  • Reserve items: $2.00 for the first hour and $1.00 for each following hour, plus $10.00 if not returned to the SAME library from which they were borrowed.
  • AV materials: $1.00/day, unless part of the Reserve Collection (fines accrue hourly).
  • Recalled items: $1.00 per day for items not returned within the recall period
  • Borrowing privileges and remote access to the libraries' online resources will be suspended for patrons owing $10.00 or more in fines.
  • At Hagerty and Hahnemann Libraries, MasterCard, Visa and Dragon Dollars can be used to pay fines or lost book fees exceeding $10.00 -- no partial payments, please. At the Queen Lane Library, only cash and checks are accepted.
  • Your online record accurately reflects due dates of all borrowed items that may have been recalled or renewed online or by phone or email.

Recalling Items that are checked out

  • Materials are subject to recall after they have been in circulation for 28 days.
  • Failure to return a recalled item within 5 days of the email recall notice will result fines of $1.00 per day.
  • If faculty recall items for reserve use, the loan periodmay be shortened and the item will be due within 5 days of the new due date.
  • Use EZ Borrow to quickly obtain another copy of a book that is checked out.


Requesting a Hold

  • Non-reserve materials may be placed on hold, using the Request function of the Library Catalog; books from any of the Drexel University Libraries may be requested, and may be picked up, at any Drexel University Library.
  • Books that are currently available will be placed on hold the following business day; please allow 3-5 days for books to be transported between libraries. Items will be kept on hold for 5 days .
  • Patrons will be notified via email when the item is available for pick up.
  • Only 5 items may be placed on hold at any one time, although faculty may request more than 5 for research, reserves, etc.
  • Repeated failure to pick up items placed on hold, thereby depriving others use of them, will result in loss of the use of the Request function.


Returning Borrowed Items

  • When returning items, if possible, ask an attendant to check in your items immediately to clear your record immediately and to avoid "claims returned" problems.
  • If you want a receipt for your returned items, ask for one before they are checked in.
  • Returning books to book drops is done at your own risk. The Libraries try to safeguard items returned to these drops, but cannot guarantee the safety of these items.
  • To avoid accruing fines, all items must be returned, including those placed in book drops,  before the Libraries close on the day that they are due.


"Claims Returned"

If you are notified that an item is overdue or subject to billing, but you returned it, ask the circulation staff to check the shelves for that item. If the item is not on the shelf, you will be held responsible. To prove that an item has been returned, you need to show a receipt.


Lost Library Materials

  • Please report lost library items immediately.
  • Generally, the charge for a lost book or AV will be the cost of the book, plus a processing fee. If a specific price cannot be determined, the charge will be $90 ($70 for the book and a $20 processing fee).
  • Patrons will be billed for the loss of or damage to library materials through the Comptroller's Office (Hagerty only).
  • At Hagerty and Hahnemann Libraries, MasterCard, Visa and DragonCard (Ultima) Funds can be used to pay lost book fees; at the Queen Lane Library, only cash and checks are accepted.


Blocked Privileges

  • Circulation privileges are automatically blocked for borrowers who owe fines or fees that exceed $10. In extraordinary cases off-campus access to the libraries' online resources may be blocked as well.
  • Borrowing privileges will be temporarily suspended until the Libraries' bill is paid in full. Fines of over $30 will be billed through the Comptroller's Office (Hagerty only).
  • Suspended privileges
    • Hagerty only: ALL PRIVILEGES will be temporarily suspended when a Hold is placed on a student record. To identify the reason for the hold, check Bannerweb through the DrexelOne portal. Once the Hold is cleared, privileges will be restored promptly.
    • Health Sciences Libraries: Circulation privileges may be temporarily suspended when there is a Hold placed on a patron record.
  • At Hagerty and Hahnemann Libraries, MasterCard, Visa and DragonCard (Ultima) Funds can be used to pay lost book fees; at the Queen Lane Library, only cash and checks are accepted.


Faculty Assistants

Hagerty: Faculty assistants will be able to borrow library materials for faculty provided:
  • The faculty member writes a letter of authorization for the assistant to present to the circulation department (authorization via email to is also acceptable).
  • The student presents validated Drexel ID.

Although the assistant's name will be recorded, he (she) should never take out materials for faculty with his (her) own Drexel IDs; this is because students have different borrowing periods from faculty. Authorization letters from faculty are valid for one academic year, and must be renewed every September. Health Sciences Libraries: Assistants or other staff may borrow books for faculty. These items should be checked out in the faculty member's name. Proof of authorization to charge materials out to a faculty member's record may be required.


Address Changes

Borrowers are responsible for supplying correct and current addresses. Students must notify Student Administrative Services of address changes or make changes themselves in BannerWeb via the DrexelOne portal. All others should notify the Libraries of home and email address changes. Note: Library notices and communications to Drexel students, faculty, and staff are sent to the official Drexel University email address. IRT offers an option for forwarding email from a Drexel University email address to another email address. See


Access to Other Libraries

Many academic and special libraries in the Philadelphia area are open to the public, although sometimes public access hours are restricted. While few allow direct borrowing by non-affiliated individuals, most allow use and photocopying of material within the library. The Free Library of Philadelphia, with its extensive system of branch and regional libraries, grants borrowing privileges to anyone who lives, works or attends school in Philadelphia. Through E-Z Borrow and other cooperative agreements, materials can be borrowed from other libraries on behalf of students, staff and faculty, through Interlibrary Loan Services.

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