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ILL (InterLibrary Loan) F.A.Q.


What is E-Z Borrow?

E-Z Borrow is a fast book delivery service among several college and university libraries in the region. Try it


Who may use E-Z Borrow?

Currently enrolled Drexel students and currently affiliated faculty and staff may utilize E-Z Borrow to request books that are not owned by Drexel. Materials usually arrive in 4 days or less. See "Access and borrowing Privileges at Drexel University Libraries" for more information.


Who may use interlibrary loan (ILL) services?

Currently enrolled students and currently affiliated faculty, staff, residents and fellows may utilize interlibrary loan (ILL) services. See "Access and borrowing Privileges at Drexel University Libraries" for more information.


Are Interlibrary Loan services available to distance learners?

Interlibrary Loan services are available to Drexel University distance learning students. Since materials must be requested from another library and reshipped to distance education students, delivery may take up to two weeks for books. If a deadline is at issue, be sure to put the latest possible date that the material can be used on the online Interlibrary Loan form. Photocopies are usually provided within two to four business days.

Additional services for Distance Learning students, including delivery of materials owned by Drexel University Libraries, are described on the Services for Distance Learners page.

Distance Learners must identify themselves as such on all Interlibrary Loan request forms.


What items may I request through interlibrary loan?

Drexel students, faculty, staff, residents and fellows may request articles, books, book chapters, conference papers, theses/dissertations, patents, audio/visual materials and government documents not owned by the Drexel University Libraries


What items may I not request through interlibrary loan?

Drexel students, faculty, staff, residents and fellows may not request Drexel-owned items, books on reserve or in the reference collection, and articles from journals in Drexel's print or electronic collections. They also may not request the textbooks that are required for their classes.


What if an item is checked out or missing?

If an item is checked out, place a request/hold on the book. If an item is missing or lost, please inform library staff of the missing/lost item. You may then place an interlibrary loan request for that item.


How do I ask for an interlibrary loan?

Place ILLiad Interlibrary Loan Requests Online by clicking here to logon. First time users of our new ILL system will need to register.


How many items may I request at one time?

Drexel University Libraries have established a limit on how many outstanding interlibrary loan requests are allowed per patron. Requests are considered outstanding until the books/articles are received. Please contact ILL staff if you have a legitimate need to go over the set limits.

  • Faculty/Staff: unlimited
  • Graduate Students: 20 outstanding requests
  • Undergraduate Students: 10 outstanding requests


How much information do I need to provide on the online request form?

Fill in all required fields. This information varies according to the type of material being requested, but will always include the author(s), title, and the "cancel request after date" fields.
In the case of a journal article request, the full journal title is essential, as well the volume, year and pages. It is also helpful to include the ISSN, PMID (PubMed identifier) or UI (Unique Identifier, used in OVID MEDLINE.
In the case of a book request, the full title is essential, as well as author and year of publication. It is also helpful to include the ISBN.


How long does it take for an ILL request to be filled?

Requests are generally processed in the order in which they are received. Books can take up to two weeks to be filled. Journal articles and book chapters usually arrive within 2 - 3 days. Campus document delivery of articles/book chapters among the libraries operates on a 48-hour turnaround schedule. If there is an urgent need, please indicate by entering RUSH in the comments field.


How will I know when my items arrive?

You will receive an e-mail message once the item arrives. For article requests, the email will contain a direct link to the article. For book requests, the email will contain pickup location and any special instructions regarding book.


Can I receive items online?

Yes! Journal articles, book chapters, and conference papers are posted to a web site and we send you the link via e-mail.


May my books be renewed?

Books borrowed using the E-Z Borrow system allow one renewal only, and can be renewed by logging into your library record shortly before the due date. Books borrowed through ILLiad are allowed one renewal also at the lender's discretion. Renewals can be requested by logging into ILLiad within 5 days of the due date. ILL Staff will submit the renewal request to the lender for approval. If approved, you will be notified of the new due date via email. If denied, an email will be sent asking for the return of the book.


Where do I pick up ILL/E-Z Borrow items?

Please pick up books at the circulation desk of your primary library.


How do I cancel ILL requests once submitted?

Interlibrary loan requests can be cancelled online as long as they are still in the "Awaiting Request Processing" status.


What do the ILLiad status messages really mean?

Submitted by Customer

Request has been received and is in queue for processing.

Awaiting Copyright Clearance

ILL Staff is checking to see if a copyright fee is required to obtain requested article.

Awaiting Request Processing

Item has gone through copyright clearance and is awaiting ILL Staff request processing.

Request in Processing

This is the date/ time when the request was received by staff for processing.

Request Sent

Request has been sent out to potential lenders.

Awaiting Post Request Receipt Processing

Item has been sent by the lender, but has not yet arrived on campus.

In Print Queue

Item has been partially processed by ILL Staff.

In Electronic Delivery Processing

Article has been electronically received and is being processed by the ILL Staff for web delivery

Awaiting Customer Contact

Item has been partially processed, notifications will soon be sent to user regarding web pickup or pickup at a library location.

Customer Notified by E-mail

An e-mail notice has been sent to the customer with specific information about their request.

Delivered to the Web

Article(s) have been posted for download. A link to the article is provided via email. Select “View Electronically Received Articles from the ILLiad Main Menu to see a list of articles that have been posted.

Checked out to Customer

Item has been checked out to customer.

Item Checked In

Item has been returned and is in queue for return processing.

In Return Address Print Queue

Item has been returned to the ILL Staff and is waiting for the printing of a return address label.

Request Finished

Request has been successfully processed and completed. Requests with this status are archived under “View/Request History button.

Awaiting Extensive Searching

An initial search has been performed without finding a potential lender. ILL Staff will continue to try to locate the material.

Awaiting ALA Processing

The lender for this item requires the receipt of a paper form (ALA form) for processing.

Awaiting Renewal Request

Customer has requested a renewal for this item and ILL Staff is waiting for the renewal request response.

Awaiting Doc Provider Processing

Because of availability or copyright restrictions, we must obtain your item from a commercial document provider. ILL Staff has found a provider and is awaiting delivery.

Awaiting Return Label Printing

Customer has returned item to library and it is awaiting return processing to the lending library by ILL Staff

Cancelled by Customer

You have cancelled your request.

Received Incorrect/Partial Item

Item received does not match requested item or is incomplete. ILL Staff is correcting problem.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing

Your request has been sent to potential lenders, but no one has answered the request. ILL Staff will continue to try to obtain the material from other sources.

Is there another source for obtaining textbooks?

If the textbook isn't on reserve or in our catalog, you can rent textbooks from:


For additional information, please contact Drexel University Libraries - Interlibrary Loan


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