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Support for Teaching

Library Instruction

Contact a liaison librarian to schedule a workshop tailored to specific assignments or research needs. Library workshops can be scheduled in your classroom, or in the Libraries' classrooms where computers are available for interactive instruction. If you are teaching a research-intensive course, consider asking the librarian for your subject area to be available to your students via the Blackboard course site.

You can request a library classroom for your own use at Hagerty or Hahnemann.  Please note that this is only a request, and you must receive confirmation before the reservation is complete.

Course Readings

There are several ways that the Libraries can help you make readings and other course materials available to your students: 

Reserves (Print and Electronic)

Various types of material can be placed on reserve, such as library-owned material (books, videos, etc.), personal copies of books, journal articles, and handouts. Begin the process early. For instructions on how to put materials on reserve for the individual libraries go to the Putting Print and Electronic Material on Reserve web page.

Copyright notice for Course Reserves

Pursuant to the federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the United States Code), it is preemptively unlawful to reproduce, distribute, or publicly display any copyrighted work (or any substantial portion thereof) without the permission of the copyright owner. The statute, however, recognizes a fair use defense that has the effect of excusing an act of copyright infringement. It is the intention of the Library to act within the parameters of the fair use defense in allowing limited posting of copyrighted materials in Electronic Course Reserve areas such as this one. It is the intention of the Library, moreover, that such materials be made available solely for the purposes of private study, scholarship, and research, and that any further reproduction of such materials by students, by printing or downloading, be limited to such purposes. Any further reproduction of copyrighted materials made from this computer system may be in violation of copyright laws and is prohibited.


Recommendations for purchase of materials for instruction or research can be submitted online. Please note that the Libraries does not purchase all required textbooks for the collection, although extra instructors' copies of assigned textbooks are welcomed in the Reserve collections. Recommendations are forwarded to a librarian with collection development responsibilities in that subject area for consideration. 

Linking from Blackboard

It is possible to add links to electronic reserves, electronic books, journal articles, databases and other resources into Blackboard. Because it is important to incorporate authentication mechanisms so that students can access resources from off-campus, a web page of instructions for creating links has been provided.


RefWorks, our web-based citation management application, allows sharing of a designated list of references from your RefWorks account. A set of citations can be included on the Drexel Shared Folders list, or a URL generated to distribute by email or link from a course page.

Services for Distance Learners & Students with Disabilities

The libraries offer many services to Distance Learners and students with disabilities. If any of your students need these services, please direct them to:

Services for Distance Learners
Services for Patrons with Disabilities


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