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About Summon

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Search across multiple resources in one search box

Summon™* uses relevance ranking and one search box to search across many of Drexel's subscription resources, books, journals.  A major advantage of Summon is that users can search article-level information, combining databases and catalog records into one search box.

How does Summon work?

Summon has agreements with many scholarly content publishers to allow article-level indexing of the full-text of these articles.  Many existing databases provide this service through individual interfaces (EBSCO, JSTOR, etc.) but Summon pulls them together to allow full-text searching in one search box. 

How do I get to full-text?Get It Image

Summon is a search interface that promotes discovery of relevant and timely resources. Access to the full-text of an article is contigent upon the library's subscription to that content.  Our content library is linked to Summon using GetIt, the Serials Solution 360 Link Resolver.  If you're looking for full text, simply click the article title and then the GetIt button to see if we have online access.

What is included in Summon?

 Searching Summon includes many of our databases and journal level articles, as well as our catalog records (books, journal titles, etc.) and works in the public domain through HathiTrust, among others.  However, Summon does not include everything.  Here is a list of all databases covered in Summon, with yellow highlights for Drexel's subscriptions.

Alternately, Serials Solutions offers full lists of content, by major database, by publisher, or by journal title.  Click here to review content and coverage details from the Serials Solutions Web site.

What is not included in Summon?

Summon currently does not include indexing some of our major article databases.  These include, but may not be limited to:

Some of our sources are able to be searched on the citation information (title, author, etc.), but not the full text.  These include, but may not be limited to:

How often is Summon updated?

Content in Summon is updated as often as possible, and interface enhancements are on a two-week implementation cycle. 

How can I share my thoughts about Summon?

We'd love to hear what you think!  Please contact us to share any comments or suggestions.

*Summon is a trademark of Serials Solutions. Any usage of "Summon" on this Web site assumes the trademarked use.

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