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Tutorial: Doing Research on the Internet - Pt. 6

Command Searching

Know some of the useful commands!

Including or Excluding Terms: Many search engines allow using a "+" or "-" to include or exclude specific terms.

  • A "+" in front of search terms requires that those term be in that site, but not in any particular order.
    • Example: + military +intelligence
      This would find web pages that use both terms, but not necessarily in that order.
  • A "-" in front of a search term will exclude web pages that contain that term. When used carefully, this can be a powerful way of narrowing your search results.
    • Example: calvin -hobbes
      This would increase your chances of finding web pages about John Calvin, the 16th century religious leader, and decrease the number of pages that you would find about the popular comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes.

Using quotation marks (" ") to search phrases: Put quotation marks around two or more words to search them as a phrase instead of as separate terms. This is a good way to search a name.

    • Example: try "military intelligence" for more specific results that we got above.


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