Are there any New Books on Three-Toed Tree Sloths?

Are there any New Books on Three-Toed Tree Sloths?
Kathleen Turner
August 23, 2007
sloth.gifOr nanotubes? or enzymology? Whatever your area of interest, you can receive email alerts from the library when relevant items are added to the library collections, using the Preferred Searches feature available through the MY Library Record service. To set up an email alert:
  • Log in to your library record (look for the "Check MY Library Record" link on the Library Homepage) -- use your Drexel email ID and password to log in.
  • From your record, click on the "Search Catalog" button.
  • Search for library items that match your interests; you can use a subject search, author search or keyword search, or used the Advanced Keyword feature to construct a more complex search strategy (need help? Ask a Reference Librarian!).
  • At the top of your search result list, click on "Save Your Search". savesearch.gif
  • Now click on "Return to your Library Record" at the top of page.
  • Click on the "Preferred Searches" button to see a list of the searches you've saved.
  • Check the box under the "Mark for Email" column, then click "Update List" to get email alerts when new items that match your interests are added to the library catalog -- the alert will be sent to your University email address.
Don't forget that your Library Record also tells you what books you have checked out (you can even renew them twice online) and what you've placed on Hold!