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General Drexel University History

The Centennial Video. Philadelphia: Drexel University, 1991.  Videorecording.

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Paul, David A. When the Pot Boils: The Decline and Turnaround of Drexel University.  Albany: State University of New York Press, 2008. [Locate this item]


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Faculty and Students

Janick, Stephen. "Drexel's 'Illustrious' Beginning -- The Contributions of Howard Pyle." Library News 1, no. 2 (April 2000).  [Electronic resource]

Janick, Stephen. "N. Joseph Woodland -- Inventor of Bar Code and Drexel Grad." Library News 1, no. 3 (May 2000).  [Electronic resource]

Martin, Kevin.  "Booker T. Washington, Sidney Pittman, and the Drexel Institute." Unpublished manuscript, Drexel University Archives (2005). [Electronic Resource]


Thomas, George E.  Drexel University: An Architectural History of the Main Building, 1891-1991. Philadelphia: Drexel University Office of University Relations and Department of Architecture, 1991.  [Electronic edition]

Drexel Family

Baldwin, Lou.  Saint Katharine Drexel: Apostle to the Oppressed.  Philadelphia: Catholic Standard & Times, 2000.

Biddle, Anthony Joseph.  Poland and the Coming of the Second World War: The Diplomatic Papers of A.J. Drexel Biddle, Jr., United States Ambassador to Poland,1937-1939 . Edited with an introduction by Philip V. Cannistraro, Edward D. Wynot, Jr., and Theodore P. Kovaleff.  Columbus: Ohio State University, 1976.

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Drexel Family Collection. Drexel University Archives.

Drexel, Francis Martin. "Journal of Trip to South America, 1826-1830."  Unpublished manuscript, Drexel Family Collection. Drexel University Archives.

Drexel, Francis Martin.  "Life and Travels of Francis M. Drexel."  Unpublished typescript, Drexel Family Collection. Drexel University Archives.

The Drexel Heritage: A Family and a University.  Philadelphia: Drexel University, 1975.

"Frances Martin Drexel and Philadelphia Leadership in International Finance."  The Girard Letter 14, no. 1 (December 1933).

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Paul, Anthony J. Drexel.  "The Alcedo."  Unpublished typescript, Drexel Family Collection. Drexel University Archives.

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Train, Frances Cheston. In Those Days : Tales Of A Happy Childhood 1926-1940. New York, 2006.

Wilson, Craig. The du Pont-Drexel Legacy. Philadelphia: Drexel University, 1986.

Note: Any of the material listed above that cannot be found in Drexel’s online catalog is in the Drexel Family Collection, Drexel University Archives.

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