Bookmark Café

Bookmark Café
Ellie Goldberg
February 11, 2010
Here’s a comment from a recent post on the Bookmark Café: It's ridiculous. The place SMELLS terrible despite the cleaning schedule. We need an ID to swap both in AND out of the cafe, even when taco bell is closed (which doesn't make any sense). And coffee is the most practical addition to the 24-HOUR cafe. There’s a taco bell on 34th and walnut and at 30th street station! Why do we need one here? If anything, we need affordable coffee (like Dunkin Donuts). I mean, COME ON, it's a TWENTY-FOUR HOUR CAFE! It only makes sense. Thanks for your comment. You’ve raised a number of good points.
  1. Smell: We’re sorry about the smell. Unfortunately, we can scrub the place until it shines, which we do daily, but we can’t get rid of the food smell.
  2. Security: The library proper is a controlled space, and our security system keeps careful track of who enters the building. This is one of the measures that we take to ensure the security of our library resources and the Drexel community that uses them.However, the café is a mix of both public and private space, and because the rest of the library building is accessible from the café, this presents some security issues for us. The café is open to the public via the 33rd Street entrance from 11am to 5pm on weekdays, which, for all intents and purposes, makes the doorway between the café and the library a public entrance. For this reason we must check IDs for entry into the library from the café during these times. You may ask “why do I have to scan my ID on the way out?” Here’s why: There is one doorway for entry and exit between the café and the library, and the security system requires that a card be swiped to open that one door—no matter which side of the door you’re on. This is different from the security system at the library’s main doors, which has one entry point and one exit point, eliminating the need for swiping out. For the security of the library and the Drexel community, we must have a system in place to track everyone who enters the building, and at the café door, this system requires that you swipe out as well. We know it’s a hassle, but it keeps us all safe, secure, and more comfortable.
  3. Coffee: Like your other comments, this is a common one, and we wish there was something we could do about it. The food selections all around campus is controlled by Drexel’s Dining Services office. We suggest you let them know how you feel, as others have done. Feedback for Dining Services can be emailed to Dining Services also has a feedback form. As of now, you can’t choose Hagerty as a dining location on the form, but you can mention that in the comment section.