Changes to Library Building and Service Hours

Changes to Library Building and Service Hours
Jenny James Lee
July 1, 2014

As learning behaviors and student schedules change, the Libraries continually review the open hours of our locations and the availability of services offered. For summer 2014, the Libraries have adjusted the open hours for several locations – Hahnemann & W. W. Hagerty Libraries will close slightly earlier on Friday and Saturday evenings and Hahnemann Library will now open a little earlier on weekdays.

In addition, the Libraries has adjusted the hours for reference services beginning on July 1, 2014. Throughout the summer, the Libraries will no longer provide on-demand consultations with reference librarians during the evenings and on weekends. Reference librarians will be available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and by appointment.

The Libraries will collect usage data and patron feedback throughout the summer to determine the real impact of these changes. This information will help support decisions about hours and services for the fall term. For current information about scheduled openings of the Libraries facilities visit the Libraries' website at