Check before you buy that article…The Chronicle of Higher Education is available campus-wide

Check before you buy that article…The Chronicle of Higher Education is available campus-wide
Jenny James Lee
December 2, 2014

Did you know that The Chronicle of Higher Education, one of the leading sources of news & analysis about higher education, is available electronically for use by all members of the Drexel community through the site license coordinated by the Libraries?

The Libraries’ site license for the Chronicle provides full access to current and past issues (back to September 1989). The Chronicle is a valuable resource for students in several of Drexel’s academic programs in addition to being a key source of information for faculty, staff and university administrators.

You can access the Chronicle, and all of its content, here.

If you are on the Drexel network – either by being on campus or logged into the VPN from an off-campus location – you’ll be connected right away. If not, you’ll be passed to CAS for authentication before connecting.

An easy way to access the Chronicle regularly is to sign up for the daily email update which is issued each weekday morning. Called “Academe Today”, it is a combination of news updates and table of contents to the current issue. Sign up for “Academe Today” by following the link on the upper right hand corner of the Chronicle’s homepage, found here. When you are accessing email from campus or off-campus through the VPN, you’ll be able to link from the daily Chronicle email directly to the articles and other full content without any trouble.

Unfortunately, the Chronicle is not as transparent about our paid institutional access as other electronic publications that the Libraries’ license. Even when you are connected through the authenticated Drexel network, the Chronicle displays a SUBSCRIBE HERE button in the upper right hand corner as well as padlock-icons next to premium-content article titles. Don’t be dissuaded, you can click right through to the full article. Questions can be directed to director of academic partnerships, Beth Ten Have.