Comics & manga & graphic novels @ Drexel University libraries !

Comics & manga & graphic novels @ Drexel University libraries !
Tim Siftar
May 11, 2006
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Who reads graphic novels? People of all ages and from all backgrounds read graphic novels, appreciating the formats combination of visual art and storytelling. Much like a good film, a graphic novel stimulates both your eyes and mind.

What are comics doing in libraries?
Comics and other forms of sequential art are the fastest-growing media format in the world. Many address social and political issues and discuss history, using the same concepts found in fine art and literature. American educators frequently use comic books in the classroom.

When can I check out some manga?
Hagerty Library is open from 7:30 am Monday through Friday, closing at 2:00 am Sunday through Thursday and
10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Where should I look for graphic novels?
Search Drexel’s online Library Catalog for keyword:
“graphic novels.” Browse in the Call Number area
PN 6727 in Hagerty’s 2nd floor book stacks.

Why is manga so popular?
While most historians agree that modern comics originated in America, Japan elevated the graphic novels status to that of fine art and literature. Want to learn more about Japanese language, art, and culture? Try checking out a manga today!

How can I use comics for class?
Need ideas for your design art? Books for teaching reluctant readers? Innovative storytelling tips for a screenplay or video game? The potential for comic books continues to grow!

A great resource for Library Science students taking the Young Adult Literature course - or jsut recreational reading!

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