Connecting Cities through Gaming – Fall ScholarSip Event

Connecting Cities through Gaming – Fall ScholarSip Event
Jenny James Lee
January 15, 2015

In April 2014 residents of Philadelphia and students at Drexel University engaged in an unusual game of Tetris. This game used the LED lights of the Cira Centre Building and players gathered in Drexel Park to control the large game pieces, visible to much of the city.

While this large-scale game of Tetris was a fun activity for those involved – and it earned Drexel’s Frank Lee a Guinness World Record – it also accomplished something a little less obvious. The game, largely due to its sheer size and visibility, brought together the community in a common activity.

This was the topic of Professor Frank Lee’s talk at the Libraries December 8, 2014 Scholarsip event. Lee spoke about the shared moments that occur through these large-scale activities and how physical cities can become tokens in physical/digital games and interactive storytelling.

Frank Lee is an Associate Professor of Digital Media in Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design as well as an Affiliated Associate Professor in Psychology, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering. Lee co-founded Drexel's Game Design Program in 2008 and is also the founding director of the Entrepreneurial Game

In total, over 50 people attended the fall ScholarSip event hosted at Drexel’s Academic Bistro. For more information about ScholarSip, please contact Jenny James Lee at The next event will be held on Monday, March 16, 2015.