Countdown to the Cram: Hagerty Tip 4

Countdown to the Cram: Hagerty Tip 4
Ellie Goldberg
June 3, 2009
Continuing the countdown of 10 ways to use Hagerty for low-stress, high-efficiency studying.
Laptops and Ethernet Cables Don't freak out if your home computer crashes! Don't despair if all the desktops are taken in Hagerty! We've got laptops behind the circulation desk--just drop by and we'll check one out to you, just like a reserve course book. Can't get a wireless signal on your laptop? We've got Ethernet cables too; they're also available for loan at the circulation desk. You can use them on our laptops or yours. Just plug them into our numerous jacks throughout the building and you're good to go.
And don't forget: Hagerty's going 24/7, starting tomorrow, Thursday June 4th at 7:30 am until the end of finals.