Deans Update: Connections to Scholarship in March

Deans Update: Connections to Scholarship in March
Jenny James Lee
March 6, 2014

Connections – the concept of bringing together two or more of something – is a theme that travels through much of the work done at Drexel University. In the Libraries, it includes bringing together ideas and people. You surely have experienced library programs in your lifetime that facilitate authors reaching readers, deliver distantly held books, guided students to discover images or articles, or identified a kindred intellectual spirit by exploring similar topics.

As an academic library and part of a comprehensive research university, the Drexel Libraries is guided by one of its core strategic directions to “strengthen Drexel’s connections to scholarship.” We do so in many ways—through services to license and lower costs to access electronic resources, through integrating automated systems to facilitate easy discovery of authoritative information, through instruction to master techniques to effectively navigate and ethically use information, through archiving historic materials to preserve locally created ideas and expressions for global discovery.

In this issue of In Circulation, read about several activities the Libraries has organized to build Drexel’s connections to scholarship through celebration, informative discussion, and organizing evidence of achievement. The second annual Authors Event on March 11th will bring forward more than 70 Drexel authors and editors of books published in 2013 and collectively will celebrate the university’s diverse contributions to scholarship and creative expressions.

On March 17, Drexel faculty and professional staff are invited to our eighth quarterly ScholarSip event to toast the end of the academic term and this time engage in conversation about the power of the sun, guided by local expert Professor Jon Spanier. Finally, on March 21st, library staff, working with student organizations on campus, will host a forum on scholarly communications and issues of copyright that faculty face when connecting their students to publications through teaching practices. This issue of In Circulation also highlights faculty insights into the benefits of creating their profiles to build the campus Faculty Portfolio system—a database and electronic system to connect researchers with similar interests.

I have restrained from connecting the opportunities this past month’s weather offered us to enjoy a little more reading or writing or otherwise formulating new ideas ourselves. Instead, I invite you in March to come out of the cold and connect with others around campus to strengthen our collective intellectual lives.

Danuta A. Nitecki, PhD
Dean of Libraries