Deans Update: Future Planning

Deans Update: Future Planning
Jenny James Lee
March 12, 2012
Danuta A. NiteckiThinking about the future is an exciting exercise and a challenge when placed against the backdrop of leading change in an organization to shape its future for positive impact. In the Libraries, we have looked at where we are and contemplated the many changes in scholarly publishing, information technologies, social communications, use of space, learning behavior, and the University’s ambitious emphasis on its research, experiential learning opportunities, global outreach, and civic engagement. But, as the well-known author of Megatrends, John Naisbitt, notes, “strategic planning is worthless—unless there is first a strategic vision.” Beginning this past summer with our Future Search Conference, and the input from many of you who care about the Libraries, we have been framing directions for the Libraries’ future. Soon we will issue our strategic plan, which highlights four major envisioned directions:
  • Ensuring access to ideas and authoritative sources of information
  • Building learning environments
  • Deepening Drexel’s connections with scholarship
  • Modeling a 21st century library organization.
As part of modeling an effective organization, we are strengthening development of leadership and management skills to complement the strong service commitment and expertise among our staff. Our managers have articulated each of the programs they oversee. Together these programs form the Libraries’ activities that will help us achieve an ambitious set of goals in the directions noted above. This month our directors are formulating a budget and allocating resources to enable the programs to continue to offer the Drexel community access to resources needed for research, teaching and learning, as well as expertise to help navigate the rich information landscape. We have also just completed an exercise led by an architect to envision the remaining renovation of the W. W. Hagerty Library. Thank you all for your support and feedback in helping us shape our future! We soon will share the plan that describes where we imagine the Libraries is heading. Danuta A. Nitecki Dean of Libraries