Deans Update - A Year of Learning Environments

Deans Update - A Year of Learning Environments
Jenny James Lee
June 30, 2015

[The Dean's Update is a column introducing each issue of the Libraries' monthly e-newsletter In Circulation.]

July marks both the end and the start of an academic and fiscal year. We are beginning to reflect on our past year as we are gathering information for the Libraries annual report, but perhaps more excitingly looking at what we aim to do the coming year. The stories in this issue of In Circulation reflect a little of both.

Our communications manager, Jenny James, has the fun of managing our “press.” She has compiled and shares here a list of what stories were most read this past year. Not only does this give a snapshot of our activities but it also illustrates a modern way of thinking about our outreach. She uses a email marketing tool to distribute our newsletter to over 10,000 members on our current mailing list. We do not blanket the whole campus with our news, as tended to be the practice in the past, rather we create a readership list from people who have had some engagement and expressed interest in the Libraries—thank you for remaining among this group of our VIPs. As a result we have high rate of interactions with our news items.

The excitement of opening our newest reading area is described in a featured article, which also marks our internal theme for the coming year. Library managers have agreed to focus our energies to make 2015-16 the “Year of Library Learning Environments.” What this means is that all staff will leverage our programs, services, resources, and individual innovations to contribute to the student academic experience and faculty research and teaching through the Libraries efforts to strengthen our physical and cyber spaces. We are committed to the belief that library learning environments can stimulate passion for self-directed learning and hunger for diversity of ideas. We will continue to build the Libraries as an “Information Exploratorium,” being a network of destinations across campus and through personal electronic devices for students to intentionally learn and develop their life-long learning skills and mindset for intellectual pursuit.

Stay tuned to more in coming issues on ways the Libraries bring information to life!

Danuta A. Nitecki, PhD
Dean of Libraries