Early Closure

Early Closure
Ellie Goldberg
August 27, 2009
Please Post Larger and/or more noticeable signs detailing when the library is closed to students and when they have to leave the library. I did not appreciate being rushed out of the library after plans to study; it made it difficult to plan checking out books and finishing work. One student was noticed having difficulty getting work finished and rushed out.

Thanks for writing. We’re sorry that your study plans were disrupted when the building was closed on August 1st. We tried to inform students as best we could with blog posts, a banner on our homepage, and signs throughout the building. There was a large sign at the entrance gate, but in the future we will try to make our signs more noticeable.

The day before the closure we closed at our regular time. We don’t want to rush you, but we also must insist that you observe our hours, as we are not set up for 24/7 hours outside of exam period. When our café reopens in the fall, that space will be a dedicated 24/7 area throughout each term.