Eating at Hagerty

Eating at Hagerty
Ellie Goldberg
July 18, 2009
As you may know, Hagerty Library has recently received many comments about its policy against meals in the building. These comments include complaints that food policy reflects disrespect and distrust toward students and ignorance of high tuition costs. If you are angry about being asked to leave your food at the door, please take a breath, count to ten, and consider these facts:
  • When the café reopens in the fall, full meals will be allowed 24/7.
  • If you’ve ever spoken with a library staff member, you know that they are respectful, helpful people who want to help you get the most from your education.
  • Tuition revenue that goes to the library is used to fulfill its education and research mission—not to maintain a dining area.
  • The food policy has been in place since November 2008, after a loosening of the policy resulted in mice, cockroaches, litter, and filth.
  • Prior to the new policy in November, we received frequent student complaints about the smells, garbage, and noise associated with food in a place that is intended to be a clean and quiet study area.
  • There are many places nearby on campus that welcome you and your meals.
Even with the food policy in place, library staff members have arrived in the morning to find the previous night’s food garbage awaiting them. This garbage includes:
  • Mountains of orange peels piled next to computers
  • Pizza boxes on tables with mice underneath
  • Entire bowls of soup spilled on the floor and left to seep into the carpet
  • Much more
Please join us in keeping the library clean and safe. This is the only way we can continue to provide the resources and services you need for your Drexel career.