eBrary E-books Now Downloadable

eBrary E-books Now Downloadable
Tim Siftar
November 30, 2011
Got a Smart Phone, iPad, Kindle or Nook?

Drexel leases over 32,000 scholarly books from the vendor eBrary that includes titles from a wide variety of disciplines. To read these books previously required an active internet connection. But all that has changed. Drexel patrons may now download these e-books to use offline by creating a PDF of a single chapter, or installing the free Adobe Digital Editions to download an entire book.  That means you can take them on the plane, overseas, anywhere!  You can find eBrary books in our catalog using a keyword search (example), or browse the full-text of their entire collection by logging onto the eBrary platform itself.  Those curious about technical details can see the faq. Try it out and let us know how you like it!   best, Tim     siftar@drexel.edu