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Alternatives to ePocrates

The subscription to ePocrates has been discontinued. Recommended alternatives include:

Drug-related content available via the “Drugs” menu label located towards the top-middle portion of the screen. Users have the ability to browse by generic, trade name, and classes. Patient handouts are also available via this resource. Includes a mobile option.

New Book: How to screw up in grad school

Not all new books warrant their own blog post. This one however was requested by a faculty member who found the contents helpful and planned to recommend it to his advisees. Even without reading the full text of the book, the list of chapter headings can provide a good reality check for anyone considering or currently in graduate school.

EndNote Desktop Training Session

Have you visted the EndNote start-up guide and successfully installed the desktop software? Now you are ready for the next step. See the following outline of what we intend to cover in the next live online session that can be scheduled at the request of your instructor or any group of three or more students. Contact for more information.

Safari Tech Books Online - User Tips

This service is the home to e-books from publishers such as OReilly, PeachPit, Prentice Hall, Adobe, Manning, Microsoft, Wiley, and many more. Most are how-to information technology manuals. But a significant minority cover subjects in business, project management, and engineering also with the how-to orientation. A few questions have cropped up recently and the answers seemed worth repeating here. Thanks to the Proquest tech help, and the Purdue OWL website for APA citation details.

New Computing and Informatics e-books from Morgan Claypool

New books!

Four series of fully downloadable, short and to-the-point titles on computing and informatics topics authored by leading faculty and practitioners in the field!

Synthesis Lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture

Synthesis Lectures on Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery