Faculty Portfolios

Faculty Portfolios

NOTICE >>> Faculty Portfolios Upgrade 

Faculty Portfolios is currently unavailable due to a major upgrade.  The system is scheduled to be available again on October 5th, 2015.  If you have any questions, please contact your liaisons.  For a complete listing of liaison librarians, please visit: http://library.drexel.edu/services/librarians

Here is the URL to the Drexel Research Portal (pre-authentication): http://dru.converis.thomsonreuters.com/, the login link is located on the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Here is the URL to the dashboard (post-authentication): http://dru.converis.thomsonreuters.com/converis/mypages/overview.  You can decide how you want users to see when they go to http://www.drexel.edu/facultyportfolios.  The second link will direct user to sign in with their DrexelOne Credentials.  We will need the redirect URL updated on Oct 5th, 2015.

About Faculty Portfolios

Drexel University has partnered with Thomson Reuters to design and implement Faculty Portfolios, an evolving and centralized database of information about Drexel faculty's academic achievements.Data will include such information as scholarly and creative works, civic engagement activities, teaching, and research funding. Librarians, with expertise in the scholarship of specific disciplines, will assist and train faculty and administrators in contributing data to the centralized database and creating customized reports. With sponsorship from the Provost's Office, an implementation team is working closely with faculty and staff to configure the system for use at Drexel.

Currently, faculty may create their own portfolios by visiting drexel.edu/facultyportfolios and entering specified information. Assistance from the Libraries liaison librarians is available. After installing an initial portfolio the faculty member may update information anytime, and the portfolio will be maintained centrally. For more information contact Beth Ten Have (et73@drexel.edu).


Benefits of Faculty Portfolios

  • Speeds generation of your CV and biosketches for a variety of needs, such as: PAR, tenure packets and grant applications.
  • Creates a single authoritative directory for internal networking to meet inter-disciplinary needs.
  • Provides a single point of data gathering about institution-wide initiatives (such as co-publishing with faculty & advisees). 
  • Simplifies sharing of information about publications and other accomplishments.
  • Integrates your course information from banner.
  • Enables a high level summaries across Drexel and comparisons to other institutions.