Five Reasons to Download Browzine Today!

Five Reasons to Download Browzine Today!
Jenny James Lee
February 18, 2015
  1. Browzine is a free application and is available for iPads and iPhones, Android phones and tablets and Kindle Fire Tablets.

  2. Browzine lets you customize your bookshelves to include only the information that matters to you. You can create multiple bookshelves to organize your different interests.

  3. Browzine will help you stay up to date with the latest research trends and receive alerts when new editions of journals are published. 

  4. Browzine allows you to download and save articles to read later.

  5. Through Browzine you can share articles and citations with friends and colleagues through Twitter, Facebook or email.

BrowZine is an app provided through the Libraries to enable browsing of journal articles on your smart device.

With the decline of print, databases have become the primary way publishers deliver journals. But databases are designed for searching, not reading. BrowZine works by uniting articles from databases into complete journals, then arranging them by subject on a library-branded newsstand. The result is a revolutionary new way to browse, read and monitor scholarly journals. All in a tablet format your researchers will love.

Learn more about Browzine on this blog post, or watch a quick instructional video on our YouTube channel.